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Today I took Uschi on the Finger Lake Region Tour. If you see a map of the area you can see why its called the Finger Lake Area. We had already seen the Southern End of Keuka Lake when we were in Hammondsport earlier. We hadn't realized how big or long the lake is. The lake is 20 miles(32km) long and 1/2-2 miles wide at its widest point.It is 186 ft deep (57 meters). We went the full length of the lake before we went East to the Northern End of Seneca Lake to the town of Geneva,NY. Seneca Lake is the 2d largest of the lakes at 38 miles(60km) long with a depth of 618ft(188 meters). It's often called the best trout lake in the world. I didn't get the chance to see if that was true, but I will try it the next time I'm in New York. The 3d lake is the largest of the Finger Lake's. Cayuga Lake is 40 miles(64km) long,1.7-3.5 miles(2.7-5.6km)wide and 435ft(133 meter's) deep. We thought Chautauqua Lake was big, but its only 17 miles(27km) long, 2miles(3.2km) wide and 78ft(23 meter's) deep. The region is also wine country and there were plenty of wine tasting going on. Too bad, I was driving. In route we stopped at the ProBass store in Auburn,NY. Again, I was like a little boy in a candy store for the first time. I'm sure that Uschi will be able to elaborate on that more when we get home. Tomorrow we will start getting ready to leave this our last campground on this our 4the tour of the USA. We have probably seen more and enjoyed the outdoors more this trip then our previous trips. On Monday we will head to our friends the Scheffer's home and start getting our home on wheels ready for its Winter Siesta. Hopefully, we will send a few more pictures before we get on the plane and fly home.

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