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My old Aussie drinking buddies!

Contiki Uk 2001 Reunion!!

St Patricks Catherdral

A Lovely view of Melbourne

Part of the memorial to dead Austrailian soldiers from all wars

The Shrine to dead Austailian service men and women

AS I didn't realise Alice Springs was so far from Ayers Rock I had to buy a flight to catch my connecting flight to get to Melbourne...oops! This country really is hugeeeee!

This was always going to be a whistle stop tour as I prefer to spend longer in New Zealand walking etc... I met up with some old buddies of mine for dinner, it was so nice to see them all. I met Sarah, Andrew and Gareth when I did a Contiki tour (bus tour) of the UK back in 2001. With email we have managed to stay in-touch all this time which has been fantastic.

Melbourne is so like being in England, its so strange. Its a lovely city but one day is enough to see everything. I saw the cricket ground, the shrine to the dead soldiers and walked and walked for hours. I would have liked to see the 'Great Ocean Road' but not enough time.Had Kanagroo which is really tasty.

Have enjoyed Australia much more on this visit. I have one more visit to make and that would be Darwin - Kakadu National Park - Alice Springs - Cairns (barrier reef properly this time)....who knows when but sometime for sure!

Its cold.......I am freezing as its about 20 degrees! I find Austrailia cold because there is no humidity (I know your all swearing at me right now!!!) so god knows what I will be like in NZ! Straight to the hiking shop for my winter wardrobe!


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