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Loaded on the ferry to Labrador

The ferry that runs between Newfoundland and Quebec/Labrador

Neil and Frankie as we arrive in Labrador in a high, cold...

One of the three icebergs that we saw, this one was odd!!

We started about 7:30am and arrived at the campground in Portland Creek, Newfoundland about 2:30pm. We called the Newfoundland to Labrador ferry company to make reservations for tomorrow and found that they were booked completely for tomorrow, but we could get stand-by for 6:00pm tonight. We unhooked the car and headed for the ferry terminal that was about 100 miles north along the northern coast of Newfoundland. We had to be there as much before 6:00pm as possible in order to have a chance to make the ferry. Lois drove at a fairly quick pace (through construction work and other bad road conditions to get us there at 5:40pm. After buying tickets, we drove onto the ferry at 5:50pm, just making it. The ferry took us to Blanc-Sablon Quebec taking about 90 minutes on a fairly rough sea. From here we drove to Lanse Au Clair, Labrador. Right off of the ferry, we found it to be very cold with a wind that could almost blow you off your feet. As we drove along the Labrador coast to our hotel, Northern Lights, we saw three icebergs in the ocean. We will stay the night at the hotel and take the jeep up to Red Bay tomorrow to the end of the paved roads in Labrador (only about 35 miles). We will return to Newfoundland on the 3:30pm ferry.

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