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The Bay of Islands on the Great Ocean Road

The Bay of Martyrs on the Great Ocean Road

Rob down next to the Grotto

London Bridge - part of the left collapsed some years ago

Loch Ard - where the ship wreck occurred

Rob looking just beyond the Razorback

The Twelve Apostles - they are starting to crumble (some of them)

Today we left Warrnambool with the promise of lots of sunshine and good views of the ocean along the way to Bells Beach.

We drove towards Port Campbell and stopped at all the scenic lookouts to take photos of the beautiful views, and they were stunning. The coastal views were at Bay of Islands, Bay of Martyrs, The Grotto, London Bridge, Loch Ard, The Razorback, and The Twelve Apostles. The colour of the sea was turquoise, and the waves were rolling in gently - all beautiful with the blue sky and clear day.

We lunched at Lavers Hill, and then drove along the road, which mostly had sea views all the way to bells Beach from Apollo Bay. Not far in kilometres, but it took us 5 hours because we kept stopping to enjoy the views and take more photos.

We arrived at Bells Beach to spend the weekend with the girls in a cottage for the whole family, that is also suitable for pets. Shannon and Ben have brought their basset hound - Bella, so we will have fun, as she is still a young puppy of 18 months.

We were also greeted with the news that Shannon and Ben are expecting their first baby in January - excitement all round! Shannon is very well, although suffering from morning sickness, but has kept a BIG secret from us whilst we have been away.

Enjoy today's photos.

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