Neil and Lois 50th Anniversary Trip travel blog

Frankie and Lois as he arrives in St Johns at 11:30pm

Frankie and Lois at the Signal Hill Military Demonstration

Frankie and Lois as we hike the lower trail at Signal Hill

Frankie at view of St Johns lighthouse from lower trail

The lower trail along The Narrows at Signal Hill

Ship coming thru The Narrows to St Johns harbor as seen from...

Neil and Frankie investigating a crevice in the cliff that had a...

Basilica of Saint John the Baptist Roman Catholic Church

Largest church organ in Atlantic Canada (Maritimes)

Oldest Lighthouse in Newfoundland on Cape Spear

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Signal Hill Military Demonstration

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Signal Hill Military Demonstration

Frankie (our grandson) arrived last night in St Johns about 11:30PM. It was about 12:30 by the time we got back to the campground and got to bed. We got up this morning about 7:30am, anxious to show Frankie the city of St Johns. We went to Signal Hill first to see the great views that we saw yesterday. We also attended the military demonstration and got some of it on video. It was an excellent display. We then hiked the lower foot trail around Signal Hill and down past the harbor. This trail is extremely scenic, has a lot of stair steps and goes along a narrow path on the edge of the rock cliffs below Signal Hill. This narrow trail often had no guard rails and hovered awfully close to the edge. One portion of the trail makes a very narrow corner that has a chain anchored to the cliff walls to hold on to as you walk. All three of us made the entire trail without problems, but I did have a few places where I wanted to crawl rather than walk as I do have problem with high places in some situations. From here we drove into St Johns and had fish and chips at the Sundance Saloon. We then drove out to Cape Spear to see the oldest lighthouse in Newfoundland and go to the most eastern point in North America. We also visited the Basilica of St John the Baptist, the oldest Roman Catholic church in Newfoundland and has the largest organ in Canada Atlantic. After a visit to the Scotia Bank to convert some money and to the grocery to get some groceries, we returned to the campground. We will leave fairly early in the morning for the Central region of Newfoundland to hike a trail that is rated in the top 35 hiking trails in the world. Updates may be slow for the next few days as WIFI is not readily available in this region and AT & T cell service is non-existent

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