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Frazer island - 75 mile beach

pure bred dingo on Frazer island - yeah it is a dog...

View from Indian head - with our transport in the foreground -...

You won't find anyone swimming on Frazer island - full of sharks!

Emily, me and Spud in Champagne pools Frazer Island

Champagne pools from a different angle

Well, the novelty of camping has now well and truly worn off, but the sun is OUT!! We have had no rain for 2 whole days now, so we are beginning to relax, and are no longer in need of your sympathy - not that we received much anyway!

Well, the rest of our time in Hervey Bay was spent with a 2 day trip to Fraser Island.

Apparently Fraser Island is the largest sand island in the world (don't ask me where or what the others are), and one of the main highways is 75 mile beach. It was quite cool racing along the sand to get from place to place. The main things to see on the island are lakes and sand dunes. Our guide did quite well in getting us to each site before everyone else, but it did ruin it a bit when we were happily resting on the sand by a lake when suddenly about 100 more people would suddenly descend upon you! And this is supposed to be a quiet time of year! Its a really lovely island, but its clearly got a bit too popular so its not quite the remote romantic haven that the guide books talk of!

Anyway, it was fun, the rain was sporadic and we had a very nice group. We spent the next night cooking a gourmet barbeque with our new Fraser Island friends Alice and Spud.

We are now in Byron Bay. It's quite a nice place - its got some great beaches, and I believe for those people in the know, its an amazing place for surfing. The town itself though, seems to be just another resort town, full of English and Scandinavian people on a budget.

The main reason for our coming here was the Julian Rocks dive site. Disappointed by our failure to dive on the Great Barrier Reef, we decided to have one more shot at diving in Australia. This site was recommended to us by our dive instructor in Koh Tao, as a good spot to see lots of big fish. And see them we did! Loads of lepoard sharks, wobbegong sharks (they looked pretty similar to me), turtles, and other stuff! But it was excellent, and you could see for about 20 meters, as opposed to the 2 metres we saw in the Whitsundays.

We also satyed in a campsite last night with the biggest buch of weirdo's i have seen in one place (Jordan). The women who came walking up the road this morning, about 25 with a manic grin on her face and a tatty dressing gown, the man who's first words to us were "I like those matches, where are they from?" (looking at a standard box of matches) then followed saying "have you ever thought that all people have a purpose and that it is some people's purpose to help those who don't realise their purpose to realise it? THANKS...Taxi! Anyway, we packed up this morning after a brief and sweaty game of tennis.

We are now heading South, towards Sydney where we are to drop the car in 3 days, before heading off to New Zealand 6 days later. We are seriously, seriously looking forward to New Zealand!

That's all for now, hope everyone is well, Em and Jord x

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