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Somewhere just before Arthur's Pass.

Also just before Arthur's Pass.

This bird was sitting on a post at a laybay just the...

After saying au revoir to Jan and Tony its off for my first close encounter with the Southern Alps via a trip over Arthurs Pass and the breathtaking scenery for which the Alps are famous for come into view; I've uploaded the best ones to this blog. Most annoyingly I managed to pick up a fine on my trip over the Pass for cutting a corner, those NZ police have far too much time on their hands! I did have my first encounter with the Kea bird which looks like a bird of prey but is in fact a parrot which likes living at altitude and has a reputation for pecking shoes and all things rubber. Thankfully this one seem disinterested in me so a close up shot was easy.

Over the Pass and up route 6 to Westport I kept stopping on the way to try and improve my photography skills as you would do when so much countryside presents itself, and as the day drew to a close I pulled up the van in a layby next to the sea.

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