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View of St Johns from lower view on trail

View of "The Narrows" from lower view on trail

Lois with St John in background at lower view on trail

Neil with St Johns in background at lower view on trail

View of some of St Johns viewed at lower level of trail...

View of homes just below the lower trail with zoom

Cape Spear lighthouse as seen from Signal Hill about 6-8 miles away

View of the tower on Signal Hill from the lower trail

View of cannons on Signal Hill about mid-level on trail zoomed

Lighthouse at entrance to "The Narrows" going into St Johns harbor zoomed

Military demonstration at Signal Hill as seen from the tower at the...

Fishing vessel entering "The Narrows" zoomed

View of St Johns and harbor from the tower zoomed

View of sailboat with whale spouting at the far left as viewed...

Lighthouse at Cape Spear, most eastern point in North America

New lighthouse at Cape Spear

Small whale jumping as seen from Cape Spear zoomed

Another small whale jumping right in front of Whale Watch Tour boat...

Larger whale as seen from Cape Spear zoomed

School of Pilot whales as seen from Cape Spear zoomed

Signal Hill as viewed from Cape Spear zoomed

Inlet harbor lighthouse at St Johns as viewed from Cape Spear zoomed

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Scanning clip from The Narrows around to mid-city St Johns

(MP4 - 605 K)

Scanning clip from mid-city St Johns to the right. Thses 2 clips...

We woke up to another beautiful day. We slept great as we went to bed tired last night. We are so close to St Johns that we can hear all of the sounds of a city, sirens, traffic, etc. These are sounds that we haven't heard for a while. After setting up camp, yesterday, we used GPS and drove around the city a little but it was rush hour and we didn't stop for pictures or anything. This is one of the oldest cities in North America and has a huge harbor for cruise ships and other large ships. You can see a lot of magnificent church steeples in the city and the homes are quaint and historical looking. The streets are like San Francisco, straight down steep hills to the water's edge. We'll surely explore a lot today as we wait for Frankie's plane to arrive late tonight.

Boy, did we explore today!! We learned today that St Johns is the oldest city in North America. We also learned that the Skyline Trail on the Cabot Trail in Nova Scotia may not be the most scenic or dizzying trail that we have taken, after all! This morning we went to Signal Hill, a very historic place as it guards the entrance to the St Johns harbor and the city of St Johns. Although,St Johns fell to the French marching overland several times between 1696 and 1762, it has never been successfully attacked and beaten from the sea. This historic Fortress does a military exhibition show that is equal to the Citadel in Halifax. We will try to get a movie clip of some of it tomorrow.

The views atop Signal Hill and along its many foot paths are panoramic and breathtaking as it is high above the city of St Johns, with sheer drop offs to the harbor and ocean. You can see the entire city, the entire harbor and the Atlantic ocean on the opposite side. Ships coming into St Johns Harbor must come through "The Narrows" (a narrow inlet from the ocean into a well shielded and protected harbor) to get into the harbor basin. From these high views, we watched ships come and go and we watched whales playing and feeding in the ocean. It was an amazing sight. There is a lower trail carved into the cliffs along the harbor walls out to the ocean and we may try it tomorrow if Frankie wants to.

We also drove out to Cape Spear, the most eastern point in North America. This was another fantastic viewing area, where we again watched whales cruise, jump and spout. We will also come back here tomorrow with Frankie as this is another Canadian Historical sight.

We expect Frankie to arrive at 11:15 tonight, if his flight is on time.

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