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The guys at our hotel before the wedding

Charlie and I with the handsome groom

Father helps the Groom get ready

Charlie and I with the handsome groom

Inside the Cathedral

Before the ceremony begins

Abad escorts Yanin down the aisle

Maid of Honor, Bride, Groom and Best Man are seated during most...

Bride and Groom are introduced by the Priest

The beautiful bride

The happy couple

Yanin and her bridesmaids

Yanin and Chuck with Yanin's parents

The reception

Some of the fancy handmade candies

Ali and Charlie at the reception

Charlie having a good time

Fun times on the dance floor

Chuck and Yanin having fun at the reception

Ali after the wedding reception

From the Miraflores district of Lima, Peru ...

Most of our day leading up to the wedding was fairly laid back. We felt really tired today. Could be the hectic pace we’ve been keeping, could be the overcast weather, or maybe a combination of both.

After breakfast at the hotel, we walked down a couple of blocks to a check out a grocery store called Metro. This is an upscale grocery like Whole Foods or Fresh Market and is very attractive inside. We enjoyed perusing the aisles of items that were different from what we see in the U.S. One thing we have noticed about shopping in Lima is that the security is very tight. We walked into the wine/ABC department which is in a separate room, and there were six salespersons walking around. In other parts of the store, sometimes the security/sales people will walk right up behind you while you are browsing. I can’t say it really bothered us. I guess we were glad to see plenty of security in the area.

We went to a department store called Ripley’s and purchased a duffle bag to take all of our souvenirs home. Then we decided to have a late lunch out since the wedding is not scheduled to start until 7:30, and we will probably not eat at the reception until 9:00 or 10:00pm tonight.

We went to a very nice Italian restaurant called La Trattoria. Unfortunately, we did not take our translation guide, and there was not a word of English on the menu. None of the wait staff appeared to speak any English either. We managed to order something we thought we had an idea of what it was, and we were both very pleased with our selections.

We returned to the hotel and got ready for the wedding. Around 6:00pm Chuck and Aaron came to our hotel to dress for the wedding. Then the four of us rode to the cathedral which was in Miraflores one block over from the ocean at Larcomar.

Weddings are much more laid back here. We arrived at the church about 7:00pm and just stood outside the front doors with Chuck greeting guests as they arrived as we had been told. They were still holding mass inside, and so the doors did not open until about 7:10pm. The inside of the cathedral was very beautiful as you can see from the pictures.

Apparently, no one is expected to arrive anywhere on time here because of the heavy traffic. When the service finally began around 7:45pm, it appeared that only approximately 75 of the 180 guests had arrived. Once the service was ended, everyone was there.

A lady did a reading, and there was really pretty pre-recorded music including Ava Maria, one of my favorites. The ceremony was beautiful although it was all in Spanish including their vows to each other. Yanin looked so beautiful ... just like a princess. The priest asked all the parents to come forward and sign the marriage certificate. Before the bride and groom walked down the aisle, the photographers came up and took all the pictures with the family and wedding party. Then Chuck and Yanin walked down the aisle followed by all the family members. We all filed into a large room and formed a receiving line. Then all of the wedding guests came through the line wishing each one of us “Felicidades” and kissing us on the cheek. They were all very warm and friendly.

Abad, Yanin’s father, drove Charlie, myself, Aaron, and Nancy to the reception which was held in a beautiful old home in Miraflores. We walked through the house and into a very large courtyard out back. The courtyard had been transformed into a beautiful setting ... all designed by Yanin. It was probably the prettiest wedding receptions I have attended. A large black tent was installed overhead with lots of special lighting and candlelight everywhere. Charlie didn’t even realize we were outside, and you really could not tell until you noticed the grass under your feet. We were all seated at the Bride and Groom’s table, and waiters brought around trays of drinks and hors d’oeuvres ... all very delicious!

In lieu of a wedding cake, Chuck and Yanin had rows and rows of handmade candies and petit fours ... they were almost too pretty to eat. Hundreds of them were arranged on long tables. After about an hour, the happy couple arrived at the reception. The family once again went up on the stage, and the men made toasts to the bride and groom. Charlie did a great job, and one of the bridesmaids interpreted his toast into Spanish.

Next was the dancing ... Chuck and Yanin had their first dance. Followed by Chuck dancing with Mirtha and Yanin with Abad. Then Charlie danced with his daughter-in-law, and I danced with Chuck. It was very nice, and we all “faked it” pretty well!

Finally dinner was served buffet style, and everything was so, so good ... beef tenderloin, chicken, fish, scallops in cream sauce, asparagus and other veggies, salads, gnocchi, tortellini ...

After dinner the music changed to a lively, Latin beat, and the dance floor filled up in a matter of seconds. We had a great time. The Peruvians really know how to have a good time! They handed out lots of long balloons, masks, party hats, and noise makers. We had a lot of fun dancing the congo line and other dances.

Charlie and I left the reception about 2:00am with the party still going strong. We had only a 10 minute walk back to our hotel, and it was a beautiful evening. The streets were still full of people out enjoying the evening.

What a beautiful wedding, and we are so happy and blessed with our new daughter-in-law!

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