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Larcomar, an Outdoor Mall with shopping and dining

A restaurant on the ocean

Highway runs along the coast of Lima

Us having lunch by the sea at Vivaldino Restaurant

Delicious Pisco Sours

Assorted breads

Charlie's Ceviche for lunch - notice the size of the corn, it...

Ali's lunch - filet mignon with mushroom sauce

Statute in the park at Larcomar

Charlie near the park at Larcomar

From the Miraflores district of Lima, Peru ...

Today’s weather was more typical for this time of year ... very overcast and cloudy. If we were at home, we would be sure and grab an umbrella before heading out. But here we are assured we will see no rain. Only a heavy mist early in the mornings and occasionally in the evenings at dusk as well.

After breakfast in the hotel cafe this morning, we decided to go down to the ocean. We walked several blocks down Jose Larco Blvd. (about a mile). There is a huge Marriott Hotel on the ocean, probably the tallest Marriott I have ever seen. The oceanfront hotels are quite impressive. We decided we were happy that we had decided to stay where we are though since the views of the ocean are very hazy and clouded. It is very beautiful though in its own mysterious way.

There is a large area right on the ocean called Larcomar which has lots of shopping and restaurants. It was all very upscale and nice. We did quite a bit of shopping and found one shop in which we bought lots of different souvenirs to take back home. We also went through an interesting museum which was free. Larcomar has several different levels of shops and restaurants, and we found that after a while the haze cleared up some and we had a better view of the Pacific Ocean. My first visit to the Pacific Ocean! I love the high cliffs and rocks in the water.

We had an incredible lunch (one of my favorite meals on this trip for sure) at a fancy restaurant called Vivaldino. Charlie tried the ceviche which was raw tuna and scallops “cooked” by marinating them in a citrus sauce ... it was very tasty. I was more traditional and had a filet mignon in a mushroom sauce with steamed vegetables and french fries. We both enjoyed a delicious Pisco Sour (see recipe at end of this entry). Pisco is the signature liquor of Peru, and Chuck and Yanin have brought us a couple of bottles over the past two years. Our waiter spoke no English, but we used our translation guide to look up words and communicated very effectively. It was actually fun. (Not so fun on the days we didn’t have our translation guide with us when we needed it!) While we ate lunch, we had fun watching lots of hang gliders right over our heads and the surfers in the ocean.

Later tonight we met our “gang” in front of the Cathedral at Parque Kennedy. Yanin went to the salon to have her hair cut. Tomorrow she will be at the salon most of the day having her hair styled and her makeup done. The rest of us shopped in a large market area which was filled with vendors and did more souvenir shopping. Everywhere you go (even on our flights), they serve a popular beverage called “Inka Cola.” So Charlie had to purchase an Inka Cola t-shirt. It’s a carbonated drink but tasted very sweet to me. After shopping, we all had a late supper at Cafe Suisse. The food was excellent and specialized in swiss food (of course) such as chicken cordon bleu and many types of fondue.

And tomorrow is the Big Day!

Recipe for Pisco Sour:

2 oz. Pisco

1 oz. lime juice

1/4 oz. simple syrup (1 part sugar/1 part water)

1/2 egg white

1 dash Angostura bitters

Shake with ice and strain into glass. Garnish with bitters on the cream top. These are really yummy!

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