Neil and Lois 50th Anniversary Trip travel blog

A view from the motor home as we drive toward South Brook

A town off in the distance as we view from the motor...

A view of one of the hills as we drove by

Our first view of Rattling Brook Falls along the trail

A view of some of the falls at the base

A view of the steps to the best view

Rattling Brook Falls

Neil and Lois at Rambling Brook Falls

Stairs back down at Rambling Brook Falls

We woke up to another beautiful day, this time in Newfoundland. As always, when we are in a campground with WIFI, we check the internet early for messages. This morning, we find that the GoodSam Travel Log provider has given us the "Best Journal" award/decal and made our journal open to the general public for viewing if we approve. Since there has been no cussing or dirty pictures, we say go for it!! We will update this entry later as we don't know where we will stop tonight as we move towards St Johns in search of Bullwinkle and all that Newfoundland has to offer between here and there. We didn’t have WIFI when we stopped so this update is a little late. We drove about 225 miles today to the South Brook area. The countryside is beautiful, tall mountains, lots of lakes and bays and the roads are fairly good. Very few towns or homes. Sometimes, we drove for almost an hour without seeing a house. We haven’t had cell phone service since we left the ferry. In reading our tourist brochures, we had read about an 800 foot water falls in the South Brook area. so we stopped for the night at Kona Beach Campground. After setting up the motor home, we drove back about 25 miles to Rattling Brook falls. Trail to this falls was only about 1 mile, but it was a series of board walks and steps taking us to a very, very, very high view point. The falls were beautiful. The water came from what they refer to as ponds created by a bay from the ocean. The water found a crevice down the side of the mountain wall and twisted its way for over 800 feet to the bottom. We took pictures as it was the highest falls we have seen since Alaska, even though it wasn’t raging, it had a lot of water flowing over it. We met some local people there and they gave us a lot of information about where we could go nearby to possibly see icebergs and whales. Believe it or not, one was a big NFL football fan and a Titan fan. We talked about the Steve McNair death and football in general. We drove to Ricky’s Nose (about 18 miles out a gravel road) to see the icebergs and/or whales, but we did not see any. It is getting late in the year for seeing icebergs as most have broken up and melted. The best time for icebergs is in May,June and early July. The whales are unpredictable as they swim in and they leave and come back as they follow the schools of capiel(sp) fish as these fish are running in great numbers right now.

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