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Today we have rain and fog and some real wave action. Not enough to make you seasick; this big ship stays pretty steady. But you definitely know you’re on the ocean. Whitecaps and that up and down of water – oops, don’t think about that! Anyway, no walk around the deck for me this morning.

I went to a talk about the ship yesterday. They did a virtual tour of the bridge, which is all computerized . But they still have a sextant and paper charts just in case, and all the officers have to memorize the “collision avoidance manual.” One of them recited several rules by heart, very crisp and snappy. You can also go to an observation room and watch them working on the bridge.

They do desalinization of seawater onboard, so we can all have our showers etc. Canada provides daily iceberg reports by Internet, with an “ice perimeter” that shows how far south they extend. So ships can go around. No Titanic accidents for us! (We did pass very close to the sunken Titanic.) This ship also has its own ice detection system.

Last night at dinner there was a parade of chefs. They marched around the restaurant to say hello. Seemed like about thirty of them. It was part of a valedictory feeling that’s building as the day goes by. People are packing up, looking ahead to land. We arrive very early tomorrow morning. Feels like time.

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