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Breakfast the first day!!

The Australian Alps!

The capervan at night!!

How posh are we?? It'll be beans on toast next week!!

Alps at sunrise!! (pete took this...i was obviously still asleep!!)

Locust attack!!!!

Breakfast in the mountains!!

Arty Shot!!

Having a wash in the van!!!

Going along the great ocean road!!!

Me and Pete on Bells Beach

Freezing water!!

Petie entertaining me!!

Sunset over the lake that we stayed at!

Ok so i cheated a bit...but its kind of Brassie Creek!!!

The Great Ocean road (and our van in the corner!!-i'm in there...

Breakfast at 'Teddy Lookout'!


Our view from the van!!!

Me in the sea at Gibson Steps

12 Apostles

As sun is starting to set...

pretty, for a bunch of rocks huh??!!

us at sunset...arty silouettes!!!!

Great Ocean Road (again!)

Look how blue the sea is!!

Pete coming out of the water after the surf went flat...not happy!!!

Wild roos!!!

Yes and they're all hopping my direction!!!!

humpty dumpty had a great fall on easter monday!!!

Barrosa Valley - Grape Picking

Pete in Jacobs Creek

Wasted....that bottle cost $30!!!!!

In the Grampians...not a nice day!!

Jacobs Creek

Barossa Valley

Bloody Irish, they get everywhere!!!!


A dried up Salt Lake in the middle of the dessert

Me and Petie in the 'Lake'

The only traffic we saw all day!

Another giant dried up salt lake!

Anyone fancy a dip??


Emu trying to get run over!

Our luxery room in the underground backpackers!!!

Inside Faye's house....nice huh??

Me inside an old opal mine!!

The opal fields of coober pedy...apparently theres about a million...see if you... now that i've left the girls, i thought i'd send a quick entry...just to let you know what me and Pete have been up to..and i'll put our photos on too (a bit later!)

So from Melbourne we travelled along the south east coast...Great Ocean Roaded it baby!!! Paddled in the sea at Bells Beach (where Point Break was filmed!!!! -feel everso slightly closer to Keanu now!!!). Saw the 12 Apostles at Sunset...was just gorgeous -we got there on the afternoon and stayed for the evening coz the difference in photos that you get is unreal!! We stopped at a few towns along the Great Ocean road...were all really beautiful views!!! (yes i'm into views now on photos...pete has turned me into an arty farty type like vikki!!).

We then travelled up into the Grampians Mountain Range and saw a million wild kangeroos...we stopped at one point to take photos of a group of them that were in this field...and as pete got closer to them, i stayed a bit further back, he got some great shots...but then one got scared and bolted so in turn all of them bolted...directly towards me!!!!! I was shitting myself thought i was gonna be stampeeded by 100 wild roos!!!! Thankfully they saw me and turned in another direction...but it was pretty scary -you'd never have thought it huh...i mean kangeroos are supposed to be cute and cuddly...i did have an idea that i could ask if i could borrow their baby out of their pouch for a photo but after that episode i decided against i realised i couldnt speak kangeroo!!!! -We also saw Emu, wild eagles, koalas...was fab! We were driving as the sun started to set and couldnt find a place to ended up drving at night and (obviously going really really slowly coz you never know whats gonna run out in to the road!!) all you could hear was the thumping of kangeroo and emu feet all around you!!!! Following day we went to a place called the 'Balconies Lookout' (massive rock shelf jutting out of the side of a mountain overlooking all of the mountain range...bit scary but went right to the egde to get photos!! (again breathtaking views...) Also went to Mackensie Falls there...gorg waterfall (pete went swimming in the rockpool -freezing apparently!!!! i tried to be brave and climbed up onto a rock that was right in the middle of the waterfall..unfortunately it started to rain once i'd got up there and i got stuck coz it was too slippy to climb back down!!! Pretty much started crying until Pete hoisted me down onto his shoulders and then he carried me to safety..ahh my hero!!!!

From there we crossed the border into South Australia and got to Adelaide...really lovely town/city -was a nice relaxing few days...having a shower for the first time in days (obviously i've washed but its been in a tiny sink in the van -not quite the same as a shower!! Also did some domesticated and everything in my old age! Got to watch the Telly in our van as we were at a camp site with electricity...yeah well posh we were!!!

Left there and went to the Barossa Valley for a spot of wine legless at Jacobs Creek and Penfolds Wineries...luckily Pete was driving...but i reckon he was slightly tiddly coz he agreed to my request that we spend $50 on wine there!!!! (we usually spend $5 per bottle from the local bottle shop...but there we bought 3 bottles for $50..bargin i thought in my winefueled state!!!)

From there we started the trek up the middle of the country...and the difference in landscape is unbelievable...we've been used to Green fields, a town every 1/2 hour or so, and dead kangeroos on the side of the road!!! (interesting roadkill huh??) we were going through miles and miles of red dessert, with dried out salt lakes everywhere, you might past another car once every few hours...but you wouldnt see a town for 100's and 100's of km!!!! And instead of dead kangeroos...all that was left of the road kill was their skeletons!!!! Seriously coz its so hot they rot really quickly so we saw more skeletons than we did people!!! It was attack of the skeleroos!!!! Plus the roadkill was upped a notch to...wait for it...WHOLE DEAD COWS!!!!! of the fully grown and mooing kind yes you heard me correctly!!! But then again you should see the size of the vehicles knocking these things down...They're called road trains..basically you know the lorries that have "wide load'" across them...well think them but then add on 4 extra carriages after the cabin!!!!! So when you think about it i guess its kind of like my running over a rabbit in my little mx5 but on a larger scale!!!

We had a bit of a scare on the old petrol at one point when the tank light came on and we still had about 50km to go to get to the next town -literally couldnt see anything around us...we'd past a sign 1/2 hr before saying next emergency telephone 115km (yeah're constantly just thinking ok ok we're not allowed to have an emergency for the next 2 hours!!!), no signal at all on the mobile -Panic wasnt the work!!!!! Eventually we rolled, literally, into town...we were def just using the fumes in the tank by this point!!! The town was called Coober Pedy....most of the town is underground as the climate is so hot during the summer (ie when we were there!!)Seriously these people have dug into the ground and built, i guess you'd call them bungalows...but underground! We stayed in an underground backpackers -giving ourselves a bit of a treat...and believe me a backpackers is luxery compared to living in the van for the last few weeks!!!! -was well weird waking up in the morning coz it was pitch black still -being underground will do that huh? you had no clue what time it was!!!! Actually now can officially say i wouldnt mind coming back in another life as a mole!!!! Its the sort of place that Mel would have can sleep 24hrs a day an not notice!!! Went to a house called Faye's Place -its an underground house that was dug out by hand by 3 women in the 60's...people still live in it today (the woman who owned it sold it on the condition that whoever bought it would have to live in it and keep it as a tourist attraction!!) -was really cool...massive place -you couldnt imagine where they started in digging it out...took them 10 years mind you!!!! -the bloody thing had a swimming pool and everything -that was heated by solar power sheets on the roof!!!!!! Amazing! Coober Pedy's main attraction though is the opal fields...they estimate that there are 1 million opal mines out in the fields at the moment and 80% of the opal sold in the world is found on those fields!! Petie bought me one!!! (not too much persuasion was needed...yeah right!!!)

From there we went even further north to Ayers Rock, sleeping on the side of the road along the to Uluru (National Park) about 9am and were told the rock was closed for climbing coz it was already too hot!!!! So we walked around the foot of it -well not quite all the way 10km all the way around so we only managed about 1/3 of it!!! ...then stayed for a sunset dinner (Cheese and Olives, followed by steak and salad dinner and washed down with one of the bottles of wine bought at Jacobs Creek!!...Obviously all cooked by pete...i just sat and enjoyed being pampered!!) ...stayed close to the park that night and was woken up by Pete at 5am(!!!!) to go back into the park the next'll never believe this of me but i climbed the bloody thing...started at 6am (was still pitch black!!!)...saw the sun rise as we were climbing....i have never felt so close to death before in my life....there are these chains all up the side of the rock for you to drag yourself up and then when you get to the have to cimb all across it...(millions of valleys, which means you're just going up and down all over the place!!!) to the summit...but i have never felt so fantastic once i got there...felt like such an achievement considering every few steps i was wanting to go back down coz i thought i couldnt go on!!!!! Anyway it took us about 3 hours...spending about 1/2 hr at the summit taking we got down at about 9am and then had breakfast...can you believe that i did a 3 hr trek (1.3km with over half of it being at a 60degree angle!!!) 6am on no breakfast -pete is a bloody slave driver!!!!!

From there we went to Alice Springs...relaxed for a few drunk in an irish bar one night chatting to a coule of locals...funniest conversations i've had for ages!!!! (all i'm gonna say is coz its such a small town i dont think these people get out much!!!) After Alice we went up to Tennant Creek -stopping off at the Devils Marbles...huge giant bolders stacked on top of each other at random!!! -Now how the hell did they get there????!!!! Then we headed east -having been in the dessert for ages we were sick of the heat and flies and none signal on our phones so drove for 3 straight days (12 hr driving each day) and finally arrived in Cairns!!!!!!

And this is where you find me...i've eaten a maccies and a subway and we only got here yesterday...but thats what happens when you take a girl out of civilisation -even if it is only for a week (felt like 10 years!!!)

Gonna take our time going down the east coast as we have about 5 weeks to get back down to Sydney before Pete has to leave the we'll be doing a bit of beach hopping, sailing round the whitsunday islands, maybe even a bit of surfing!!!! We'll see...all i do know is that i need pampering...perhaps a couple of massages in Byron Bay...and i've heard that in Nimbin they have these cigerette that really really relax you!!!! (But why they call it Whacky Backy i'll never know!!!)

Love and miss you all,

Emma and Pete xx (did get quite a good tan in the dessert...but thats the only good thing i can say about it!!!!)

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