Neil and Lois 50th Anniversary Trip travel blog

Lobster boats retrieving lobster traps seen from Cabot Trail

View of Pleasant Bay from Cabot Trail

View of Cabot Trail from Skyline hiking trail

Neil and Lois with Cabot Trail in background seen from Skyline hiking...

Steps down to trails end at Skyline Trail guard rails and...

Steps up from trails end at Skyline Trail

View of Cabot Trail and town from Skyline hiking trail (zoomed)

Lois at end of Skyline hiking Trail

Neil on the way back up from end of Skyline can...

Butterfly along the Skyline hiking Trail

Another butterfly along the Syline hiking Trail

Getting on the ferry from Cabot Trail to Englishtown

A view of the ferry area to Englishtown

Another cow moose seen on Cabot Trail

Yesterday, we woke up to a beautiful day, clear blue sky and cool temperatures. We decided that this was a good day to backtrack to the Cabot Trail and hike the Skyline Trail in the Highlands National Park. It was a 120 mile drive back around the Cabot trail to the trail head. En route, we found the scenery to be just as great as before but a little different view as we drove counter-clockwise around the Cabot Trail. The road is a little more dramatic on the east side when going in this direction as you are on the right side edge as you climb the road carved into the mountainside and the sheer drop offs and views are a little more breath taking. There was a Canadian car club (about 80 cars) also making the trip and they were at every scenic overlook. We stopped and talked with many of them as they were in a variety of old cars, some antiques and some street rods (32-57 Fords, 55-58 Thunderbirds, 55 Lincoln, old Ford and Chevrolet pickups and Panel trucks). They were beautiful and their owners ready and willing to talk about them. We saw a few more cow moose, still no Bullwinkle. We arrived at the trail head and parking was scarce as there were a lot of people taking this trail. The trail is 3 miles in and 3 miles back out, but we found it to be fairly easy walking until the end of the trail where you come out on top of the world. We have hiked a lot of trails in our lifetime, but this trail will rank at the very top as the most scenic overlook that you can imagine. It reaches a point that is on the top of the highlands and is sort of a bald area, but it has been sculptured so that you can take in views on one side of the Highlands highway down below, small towns off in the distance and then fantastic views of the Bay of Lawrence on the other. Both views are at such height, that you feel suspended in the air above it all. I have trouble with heights and struggled with some of it, but the view was so breathtaking that I forced myself to go to the end of it and see it all. Lois has no problem with heights so she guided me along. We took a lot of pictures, but pictures can't show the feeling that you have in this high, open, exposed place. It was hard to look straight down as the sea was down a couple hundred feet on one side and the Highlands road a couple hundred feet on the other side. This was the highlight of the trip. If any of you have started a "Bucket List" of things that you want to do before you kick the bucket, add this to your list! On the return trip to the campground, we were tired and made one wrong turn and ended up on a ferry to Englishtown. This was not out of our way so we went ahead and crossed on the ferry. We took a picture of this ferry after we climbed out of the area where it was located. Arriving at the campground around 7:30pm, we were beat. We got take-out at a local chuck wagon located just inside of the campground. Fast food joints are few and far between here (no McDonald's!). P.S. While we were on the Skyline trail, we heard sirens, which was an usual sound in this wilderness. As we were heading back to the campground, we saw one of the "Classic" panel trucks on a flat bed wrecker with the front end demolished! It was one of the car club people that we had talked with earlier for awhile, who was handicapped and had the panel truck rigged to automatically lower a ramp in the back so that he could use his wheelchair. We have no idea what happened, hope he was okay! With all of the curves, the moose crossing, high shoulders on the road and being in an old 52 Chevrolet Panel Truck, it could have been anything.

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