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Shiny silver vats .... mmmm!

And she was very amenable to my speaking Italian too....



what do you reckon?



It's now 10.09pm here.

Theoretically I should be doing this very boring thing - storing stuff very neatly in a box with a view to returning it to Sydney via Italian post, and in so doing lightening my load, and making for an easier negotiation of the hopping on and off trains which will be my challenge on Saturday.

But there is right now an internet opportunity happening here, the line hasn't gone down, my connection has not been lost for over ten minutes. All my prayers to St Anthony perhaps.....

Oops, spoke too soon.

Anyhow, the encounter with the GROM.

One piece of travel research I had undertaken before this journey was into the topic .... 'Best Gelato in Italy'.

Well naturally this was a matter of debate, and condsiderable exchange of oppinions on travel forums. One name that did stand out however was GROM. I had put GROM on my map of Italy, and became excited when I saw it from a bus window in Milan. Unfortunately it eluded me when it came my time to be on foot, and I had to let it go.

Since then, my time in Vicenza saw me doing a reasonable job of research into this all-important topic. I thought I had found quasi-perfection in a Gelateria in the Corso Palladio, not far from the Teatro Olimpico. I had made it my business to go along twice, just to be sure. here in Padova, guided by who knows what, Grom and I were brought together.

What can I say?

Chocolate extra noir, and coffee.

Combination extraordinaire.

But perhaps there is a better mix.

Perhaps I had better return tomorrow.

Pehaps, perhaps, perhaps.

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