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In a tetrapack no less!!!!

The success of Tavernello invites reflection ... (like yoga, I guess!)

And for Singles like myself here, it comes in a handy pack...

Oh no - my supermarket is closed!

My previous Pam - in Vicenza

Trolleys the same everywhere



A trolley basket affair - weird


I was actually looking for coffee....

For Pam...

... and naturally this one is for you Flora!

So with my glass of red in hand, it's .....

Finally I have succumbed....

Without company on this trip, I have not yet had the pleasure of sitting down at a table and having a meal with friends and a glass of vino.

But believe me, vino nonetheless manages to raise its adorable head many times - particularly in my school lessons. It seems that, especially with the younger ones that form the major part of my class, we can make use of the familiarity with vino to help explain in Italian many other unclear concepts. Remember that here we are a group of approximately 12, 3 of whom are English speakers (Yorkshire, Indiana and Sydney). The rest of the flock are German, Israeli, Czech, French, Italian, Chinese, Croatian, Spanish, Slovenian, Swiss, etc. More and more we communicate with one another making use of Italian as our common currency. How incredible is that!

Anyhow.... this Jen, who likes a single glass of alcoholic beverage with dinner from time to time, has been resorting to a can of light beer, Moretti, because that suits the solo person more easily than the purchase of an entire bottle of wine - Lisa I know you know what I am talking about!

After class in my walking about Padova on various missions important to my journey, I came across a new supermercato. The one I have been making use of near Padova Station took me completely by surprise today and was closed - with a sign on the front to advise customers. And did I photograph that sign? Of course. I carried on with the most pressing items of today's agenda, and along the way from Padova Stazione to Padova Post Office to Padova Council to Padova Deutsche Bank I noticed a logo - green with the word Pam in white. Yay, another Pam.

Pam (apart from being my dear friend, and the wonderful celebrant who married Dave and I, and who helped lay my mother to rest) was the name of the supermarket I had gotten used to in Vicenza. So it came as a relief that I have another supermarket, and very close by my school too. Even better, in my meanderings back and forth through the unfamiliar aisles, and while in search of a can of beer, I discovered an opportunity to partake of some wine. Wine that comes in packs of 3 like orange juice, that's a new one on me. I refurbished my pantry with coffee, cheese, peaches, bread rolls, red wine and yoghurt. Going through the checkout was interesting. I made a faux pas I have been trying to avoid.

Prior to departing I had read on a travel forum that the standard practice in the fruit and veggie section of the supermarket in Italy is to weigh the produce oneself, and in the process create the sticker for the goods. Then, going through checkout it is weighed - yet again. Well, I wasn't about to give that kind of complex postgraduate Italian supermarket challenge a go in a hurry was I. So today, seeing some gorgeous peaches already loaded up ready to go in plastic bucket, I thought they must be prepacked, weighed and ready and willing to leave the shop with me. I took a risk, a made a punt, and I did not go near those scales or stickers. Oops. Checkout time, and in peak shopping period, and with a queue. Double oops - the cashier announced in Italian that I had not weighed the peaches. Oh dear!!!!! Thank God I am making an art of being the charming, lovely, sweet, and also dumb blond from Australia ..... "scusi scusi, non dobbiamo fare questa cose in Australia". Got out of there as quick as I could. Note to self - Don't buy fruit and veggies in Italian supermarkets!

Tavernello is the trade name for a low alcohol content (11-13% ABV) IGT Italian table wine that is widely advertised as Italy's #1 Wine and commercially sold in Italy and internationally by the wine cooperative Caviro. It is noted for being the first wine produced in Italy which was sold in a Tetra Pak container[citation needed] and also for its low price (under 2 Euros as of January 2009).

The only market where an exception is made in the packaging of Tavernello wine is in Japan, where it is sold in traditional wine bottles between 500 to 700 yen in supermarket chains. While the bottles initially featured a traditional cork, it was recently changed to an aluminum screw top as a cost saving measure and to ensure long term freshness.

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