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Come take a walk with me

I spooked this guy. He was right next to the road.

We are surrounded by big pines

The mountains are gorgeous in the morning

Baby pine cones in the making

The color caught my eye

The leaf texture of this wildflower

Just in case!

Momma was close by and watching her baby

Maturing pine cones

What a find this flower was

The boys were hanging out together while I was gone

Love the look of the water

Deeper in the woods

This is the view at another campsite

Making our way to the falls along the river

Getting closer!

Sunning on the bank shore

There is the falls!

The lighting was good

Up close and beautiful

Great water shot

Some serious moving water

Len enjoying the falls with me

What a great river

Looking down stream from the falls

A soft muted colored bush in bloom

Butterflies in the mud in front of the rig

Front and side views


The yellows out numbered the black and whites

Striking a pose

I've got my eyes on you!

Natures stealth bombers

They are laying their eggs

They are just magnificent!

Good Morning, come join me on my walk this morning. I went exploring outside of the park first. Went on a 3+ mile walk about 8:30. The sky was a beautiful shade of blue and the sun was warming up. Spoked a deer as I set out. He took four leaps away from me and then stopped to take a good look. Continued on down the road that is lined with big pine trees and parallels the river. Many a fisherman (and women) were casting their poles. On the walk back to the park, I noticed Momma and her baby perched in the tree. The little one was testing his new wings. What a great sight to experience.

Got back to the rig and the boys were relaxing. The morning was so beautiful that I grabbed the camera, and Len and went walking in our park. We checked out all the newly empty sites along the river. What a campground this is! We walked right along the river up to the falls. The lighting was great! There is nothing better than the roar of a river and cascading water. Love sharing these precious moments with Len!

Right around lunch time I was heading out to sit in the sun for a bit. A fluttering on the bank of the river caught my "eagle eye" as Len would say. There must have been 15 butterflies soaking up the sun on a patch of mud on the river bank out front of the rig. I have been trying for a month to capture a picture of a big butterfly...I was so excited!! I ran an got the camera. I stood out there for about an hour all knelt down and bent over. Massage Envy would have felt great after all of that! Len hooked me up with a couple of different lens on the Nikon. I was able to get the lens within two inches of the black and white ones. The yellow butterflies were more flighty with any movement, but they kept circling and coming back. The more I watched them, I realized that they were laying eggs. They would flutter around, then stop and secrete a wet spot underneath themselves. This was a first for me...Wow! I took close to 250 pictures. I had to then spend a couple of hours going thru them to get the dozen or so that we kept. Check out the keepers!

I am always amazed at what I see when I'm out and about in nature. Thanks for coming along and sharing the experience.

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