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il cane bagnato

Happy Dog!



E felicemente i piccioni si fanno il bagno ... and the pigeons...

Heat, humidity, then the rain. We watched it from our classroom window. 1pm. - class finishes ... pronto, I mean, absolutely no messing about!

But there is a little concern amongst a few of us about going out into the rain as we have not brought along an ombrello.

A conversation in Italian followed in which I said to il professore Dario that I would get wet, I would get soaked, I would get 'bagnato', in fact, 'bagnata' (feminine).

He gleefully replied that his pomodori, his tomatoes, would get soaked. It turns out that his tomatoes are almost 3 metres high - he needs to climb up to get them. Imagine.

Anyhow, after class I had serious business to which to attend. Business that took me walking from one end of town to the other.

And in the course of that journey, I came across a few more connections to the concept of 'bagnato.

Firstly, a dog .....

Secondly, some pigeons......

The pictures tell the story



bagnare - to dip, to spinkle, to soak, to wet...

ho i capelli bagnati - my hair is wet

bagnato di lacrime - bathed in tears

hai bagnato le piante? did you water the plants?

Il pavimento era bagnato - the footpath was wet.

bagnato di sudore - bathed in sweat

bagnato fino alle ossa - soaked to the skin

bagnato fradicio - wet through, drenched

sei bagnato fradicio! you're soaking wet!

essere bagnato come un pulcino - to be like a drowned rat, be sopping wet

sembrare un pulcino bagnato - to look a pathetic sight

piove sempre sul bagnato - it never rains but it pours (fig.)

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