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The girls, finally a pic together!

No, I am not a jerky....but they did have buffalo ass! Jerky,...

"This is my best side!"

Check out my manicure!

Hey Tony....we made it!!

Bear Hug.....boy, do I need one!

Big chair to fit my big girl panties!

The group at Kharacters!

Just for the "hal-li-but!"

Joes bright idea.....11:30 at night, and still dusk!

Everyone must do the ride from Anchorage to the Kenai Peninsula, be it RV,car, or bike (motorized or pedal!). The ride was fantastic, especially the flawless day! We were warned the day before arriving at Turnagain Arm of the many accidents due to careless, urgent drivers and the many fisherman in this area. We had no problems and continued through the Chugach Mountain Range to the Peninsula. The creeks, rivers and streams were breathtaking with the backdrop of the snow capped mountains. I think I got a little emotional, as the beauty enveloped me. We stopped a few times for photo shoots, and then......we stopped in Soldotna at the HD shop, purchased a sweatshirt and some rain boot covers, and of course met some friendly people. There was an ice cream stand across the street, so we decided on a cone. The little village it sat in had some great opportunities for pics, and the woodcarvings were awesome. A man was carving an eagle, although Joe and Ella went to see him, I did not. I just heard the saw from a distance. We continued from there in to Coopers Landing, a great little fishing village. Cath decided to stop at this beautiful, clear, turquiose creek to take a pic. She was going to take a little trail parallel to the bridge and decided to take the pic from the bridge! Thank God!! There was a grizzly bear munching on a few salmon just 12 feet away!! She would have been lunch, instead of just having lunch, if she had taken that trail! The pics were awesome! Mike went back to the bike, he forgot his bear bells!, and stated that "they can turn on a dime!!" We cracked up! Still 70 miles to Homer at this point. We had planned to stay in Mark Hamptons cabin, and I thought I had accurate directions! Not so! Arriving in to Homer, we spotted several bald eagles and found a quaint, artsy town. We looked for the cabin, I dropped my bike in a parking lot doing yet another U-turn....and finally found the cabin.....grass higher than 4 ft., windows boarded up, no running water, but.......a helluva view and piece of property! We got our trusty Milepost out (the Alaskan bible) and found the Heritage Hotel. We rented an apartment suite and headed for the little bar Kharacters across the street. We met up with some of Cath's friends from ST. Augustine, Ron and Nancy (who were RV'ing it)and enjoyed a few beers and Mexican fare. Off to bed.......of course, after Joe had this wild idea to "tip" my bike over and take a ass...hey, I can take a joke! Enjoy the pics!!

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