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More of the Tanana Delta valley and Alaska Range

A VERY tall white covered mountain hiding in the clouds

Passing along Eielson AFB with an F16 landing

I tried to zoom closer, sorry it's blurry

Eielson Air Force Base

Welcome to Fairbanks

Fairbanks Elks along the Chena River

Here's their RV parking on gravel

This is the view from the RVers back window

This is where Frank works

We saw this double paddle wheel boat near his house

Interesting Candy/Ice Cream shop near the airport

Frank's neighbor collects airplanes

Frank's other neighbor is Susan Butcher's Sled Dog Kennels

Gorgeous river in the twilight

Earthen dyke for the Tanana River and the gravel road that is...

Lovely murals around town

Another mural in Fairbanks

Older building with steam vent pipe

We separated from the group today to stay in a Fairbanks campground closer to town and my friend, Frank. He lives on the river just around the bend of the Chena River. We worked together for many years at Mobile Inspection Service in Santa Fe Springs, and he came up to Alaska to work for the pipeline in the summers when our business was slow. He met his wife up here (also originally from So Calif.) and he was hooked (on her and Alaska). Our RV Park is gorgeous, on the Chena River. Lots of natural activity (birds, ducks, beavers) and watercraft (ski doos, boats, skiers, float rafts), lush green grass that Gidget loves to lie on.

After setting up, we went to visit the Fairbanks Elks Lodge to buy the Dog Pin (remember Skagway? I’m trying to collect as many as I can). They had RV parking with 30 Amp, no water, no dump – but an awful pretty view, and of course very friendly Elks.

After dinner my friend, Frank, came by to visit with us and ended up driving us around showing off his neighbor hood. He has some unusual neighbors; like a fellow that collects airplanes (to sell the parts), and the kennels for Susan Butcher, the first woman to win the Iditarod (actually 4 times). She passed away from Leukemia, but her husband still runs the kennels.

Frank drove us on a gravel road that they use for snow mobiling in the winter that runs along an earthen dyke to hold back the Tanana River against flooding. As we drove through Fairbanks we saw several nice murals and I noticed some big curved pipes sticking up by some buildings. That is from the old way of heating the buildings, the pipes are to vent off the steam.

We had a great time with him and before we knew it, it was almost 11 pm! The light nights really throw you off.

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