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As I sit here in the internet café waiting for the internet to actually work, I’ll write another entry. Yesterday I went on outreach, and talked to kids about strokes. My job was to tell the kids to make sure they keep exercising when they’re older, or they’re going to develop something that will cause a stroke. This is probably true considering how oily all their food is, and the lack of proper veggies.

Today I went back to the orthopedic hospital and massaged a woman that INSISTED I be the one to give her the massage. Rayza told me not to worry about it, but I felt bad, so I gave the poor woman a massage.

It’s a really ugly day today. There hasn’t been that much sun and it keeps raining. Hopefully next Thursday will be better because I want to go to the bead market again before I leave. My roommate and I have been deciding on whether or not to go to another waterfall that’s a few hours away. I’m not sure if it’ll happen considering the weather…the power just went out again.

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