Natalie's Volunteer Trip to Ghana 09' travel blog

Yesterday I started working at the new hospital! It was so much better to actually have something to do. I mostly shadowed the assistant PT, and then chatted with Rayza for the rest of the day. She invited me to come over for dinner this weekend. I’m pretty excited because she says she has Cuban coffee and a cafetera.

After work I went with my roommate to Koforidua to take out some money (hopefully the last time I’ll need to do that). On my ride home, I was waiting in a Tro, sitting in the back seat. Some guy sat next to me and brought along his chicken. At one point it got annoying and loud so he decided to shove the poor chicken in a bag and put it in the trunk (which happened to be right behind me). I just sat there, making a weird face I’m sure, waiting for the plantain lady to come by my window so I could buy some plantain chips…

Today was awesome at the hospital. Rayza gave me a patient, told me what exercises the girl needed to do, and I did everything on my own. I even stretched the girl out and gave her a massage. It was great to actually do some hands on work. At the end of the day Rayza treated me to some ice cream and I went home. She’s been really nice to me. I told her I would send her some stuff from the states when I get home.

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