Our RV trip around Atlantic Canada 2009 travel blog

The Moon

You have been warned!

The Whale!

If we are at The Corner of the Earth is this the...


On the 'Head

Burnt Point Lighthouse with iceberg in background

We catch the ferry and say goodbye to land once again. We stop off half way at Change Island to let some trucks off and some cars and lorry on. Then we are off again.

We arrive at Fogo Island in the sun. We set off and drive down through Seldom down to Burnt Point lighthouse.

Seldom takes its name from the fishermen who “seldom” passed by without stopping in.

We then drove up to Fogo at the base of the Brimstone Head one of the “Four Corners of the Earth” by the flat earth society.

Once we had eaten our tea, still managed to have a BBQ even in the blowing wind (nothing like a bit of fire and brimstone!) we climbed up Brimstone Head.

From our vantage point on Brimestone Head (after passing the warning notices)

we could see for miles (presumable to the ends of the Earth).

Up here to make the climb worth it we managed to see all at the same time

1: The Sun

2: The Moon

3: An Iceberg

4: A Whale

The wind might have been blowing but it was a worthwhile journey.

We even managed to find a wireless connection!

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