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A quick shot of part of Casper, Wy, as we pulled out...

A few grazing pronghorn as we zip past...

Larry thought this place was cool...

Wow, talk about wide, open spaces...

A nice couple took this pic for us at the border...

That's the Black Hills dead ahead!

Beautiful, aren't they?

Oh no, where's the sun???

Partly set up, skies are clearing, for a while at least!

Jack's new 5'er, it's a beauty, and his Fold Cat too....

Enjoying the campfire, Barb, Larry and Jack...where is your coat???

Dick and Lou were there too...they have their coats on!

It was amazingly quiet last night and we both slept well. Many times it is rather busy when we park at a 24-hour Wal-Mart overnight. We decided to pick up a few needed things to show our appreciation before we left town and afterward I made us a nice breakfast. We wanted to drive straight through once we got on the road. We fueled up across the street and were happy to see that diesel is a few cents cheaper in this part of the country. Every little bit helps. Of course we still run Ethos is every tank and that really helps as well. We wouldn't be without it, that's for sure.

The GPS took us a different route this trip. We decided to trust her (Suzi), even though we thought she was 'crazy'. We normally take I-25 North, and she took us I-25 South out of Casper. Larry was concerned, but later in the day, very happy. It was definitely a more scenic route and was probably about the same mileage/time. We normally come through Newcastle but this time we came through Douglas. It was very green and there were plenty of fields of wildflowers as well. Small, rolling hills most of the time. We had sunshine most of the way but hit showers about 2 miles outside of Custer and were disappointed to see that it looked like it had been raining throughout the day. In fact, we later learned that they had one heck of a hailstorm about noon. Thankfully, we missed it!

Ten minutes after arriving the drizzle stopped and we were able to set up the most important things, like power and water, without incident. We were greeted by Paul (the owner) and even though it was raining he dashed out to tell us just to go get set up and check in with him later. What a guy! Our buddy Dick arrived a few minutes later for hugs and shortly thereafter Terry stopped by too. Wow, it's good to be home again! We decided to go ahead and put out the awnings as it was obvious there would be lots more rain shortly. I like a cover over my front door, don't you?

About 30 minutes later, our friends Jack and Barb pulled in. They live in Ohio and will be here for two weeks this trip. They parked right next to us in site 16. We are always in site 15 as we are positive we can get our satellite TV/Internet service here through the trees. Jack and Barb have a Fold Cat inflatable and we plan to do some boating/fishing together in the coming days. In fact, Jack had it up within the hour! Wow, that was fast.

Then it was time for dinner, I am starving! What happened to lunch??? Dick & Lou and Larry & I made our annual trek to Cattleman's to satisfy our hunger. We really enjoyed our meal and the opportunity to catch up a bit. We stay in touch all year but it's just not the same. Arriving home, Jack and Barb had a wonderful campfire going so the six of us gathered round and chatted for a bit. Sprinkles caused us to break up the party earlier than we would have liked but there will be many more campfires in the next few weeks. And smore's too, of course!

We have several other friends to catch up with here in Custer, like Mike and Pat McFall who have a beautiful piece of property down the road apiece. And Jim and Ellie Meacham at the Broken Arrow Campground. We had a wonderful time with these folks at a potluck last year and look forward to seeing them shortly. Now that Larry has his brand new knees, we plan to do some hiking together. And we're looking forward to some geocaching advice from Jim and Ellie. Something we've wanted to get into for awhile. I bought Larry a portable GPS last year just for that purpose. It's time to break it in!

So that's it for now. Just wanted you to know that we arrived safely and are in the process of getting settled in. We'll get our annual Custer State Park pass shortly and begin our day trips to all of the local sights. Crazy Horse, Mt. Rushmore, Stockade Lake, the Wildlife Loop....oooooh, I can't wait!

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