Larry & Cheryl's 2009 Travels travel blog

The Alaska Range on our horizon was all snow capped

We passed thru a VERY LARGE old burn area, miles and miles...

Oh Oh, more potholes!

At last our RV gets a bath . . . hooray!

Larry rubbing off the cooked on bugs

Whoo Hoo! Another Moose sighting!

Sign says look thru here to see the level of the sun...

The sun was pretty low!

Lots of burlwood and dredge buckets everywhere

This little shop had a lawnmower on it's sod roof

Cute little cabins at the motel had sod roofs

Our campsite in the Tundra RV Park

Lots of big trees hid the RVs from each other

Our cozy campfire in the evening

We all had an easy drive from outside Chicken to Tok (rhyms with Coke). We staggered our departure because we knew we’d be spending a lot of time at the RV wash at the next campground to wash off the accumulated mud and bugs. This was the most difficult part of our journey - spending more than an hour with a high pressure hose trying to wash our truck & trailer.

After setting up, it was way past lunch time so we went to Fast Eddy’s for late lunch, which came highly recommended by many campers. The rest of the day was spent relaxing, dong laundry, catching up on emails, and sitting by the campfire.

Today was shopping spree day – we found lots of fun T-shirts and fudge and jewelry as we walked around Tok. The girls were in shopping heaven. The prices were very reasonable and the shops had interesting items. Again we ended the evening around the campfire.

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