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From the Dome viewpoint - You Are Here X

Bonanza Creek goldfields and tailings at bottom of photo

Our campground lower center, Oglivie Mtns above

Yukon River fowing towards the town

Yukon River flowing away, northward towards Alaska

Mountains to the north of Dawson

Postcard showing Dawson from across the river

Klondike Cheryl and Gambler Larry

There were a lot of cute buildings in town

Old Anglican Church

The boys were in heaven - a hardware store!

Burlwood log house became a tour vendor

Oh boy! Ice Cream

Rainbow colored buildings along Front Street

Tin sheet siding, whatever it takes to protect back in 1898

Larry shopping - nice hat !

Klondike (blue) flows into the muddy Yukon

The Sternwheeler Keno, actually operated on another river, is now a museum

The stern of Keno

Our Parks Canada guide in period costume

Showing how the tubes are cleaned in the steam engine

This is where they stoked the fires for steam power

This is how they got their fuel piled along the shore of...


The evening at Diamond Tooth Getrie's

Live musicians played for Gertie to sing

The Can-Can dancers

The girls sat in Bruce's lap and mussed his hair

High kicking dancers

Wow, even higher kicking !

Oh, Oh - they got 4 men from the audience

Gertie chats with the guys before they dance

Their reward for being a good sport - a Garter

Larry had the cutest dancer

The male singer was a cutie, too!

Fun song & dance show

Photos after the show with everyone

Movie Clips - Playback Requirements - Problems?

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Larry learns to Can-Can

We drove up to the top of Dome Road whose viewpoint gave us almost a 360 degree vista. We could see Bonanza Creek & gold fields with the tailings left behind from the Dredge. We saw the area along the Klondike River near our RV park where it drains into the Yukon, and of course the mighty Yukon both heading towards town and away northward toward Alaska.

Dawson City came to be due to the Klondike Gold Rush. We kept hearing terms that I need to explain. “STAMPEDERS” are the people that rushed north to find gold. In California it was a rush, but in Canada & Alaska it was a STAMPEDE. A “SOURDOUGH” was someone who had been up here at least a year (they used to make sourdough bread over the campfire), and a “CHEECHAKO” (chi – CHA’ - ko) was the newcomer. If a Cheechako could last a year under those harsh circumstances, they became a Sourdough.

The town grew to over 20,000 with banks, stores, entertainment (bars & ladies) and most miners spent their gold in town and usually left town or died broke.

We had fun doing a little shopping in the old buildings that were filled with modern necessities, groceries and fun tourist items.

After dinner we all went to Diamond Tooth Gertie’s for an evening of entertainment, and included a couple we met earlier at another campground, John & Sharon. We had a good laugh when the Can-Can girls came down into the audience and sat on Bruce’s lap, mussing his hair. During the show Gertie would sing and the girls would dance, and then they were joined by a young man singing his love to Gertie.

Then the girls came into the audience again and one grabbed John from our table. Larry was laughing hard at John, until HE had a ruffled skirt thrown over HIS head. Then he and John were led up the stairs, with a couple others, to learn to do the Can-Can. Larry had fun and was a great sport. As a reward, the men could take the garter off of the girls’ leg – any way they wanted. With whoops and hollers from the audience, Larry got his garter with his teeth.

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