Alaska 2009 travel blog

Santa Land, here I come!

Is the beard real, and Yes! I have been good!

Our little yurt..."are we having fun, "yurt?"

moose in the lake by our yurt!

Group shot....or were we doing "shots?"

View of the springs

sitting at the ice bar! brrrr!

sitting on an Ice toilet!!

in the springs, "will someone take my picture?"

Well, today began with a constant drizzle, mud and muck. After hearing about the other riders wanting to end their trip and the others trailering their bikes, I was a bit nervous about the day. was snowing 50 miles west in Glenallen! I wore two pair of long underwear, jeans, chaps, and my raingear...cold and wet. The ride out was a bit discouraging, but soon the rain let up and we were on our way to the North Pole! The sun peeked out, I prayed, and they were wonderfully answered. Got to the North Pole with sun, shed some clothes, and took a pic with Santa! I told him I had been a good girl this year, and all I wanted was some good weather! He was quite a character, and told me he would see what he could do! I sent postcards to many of you, postmarked from the North Pole....if I missed you, time restraints and memories of addresses were rushed. We then headed to Chena Hot Springs, 50 miles from Fairbanks. The weather held up until we arrived. We stayed in a Yurt, kind of a tent, with a hard floor, round, and had cots in them. Of course, the outhouse was a short distance from our yurt, and the hot springs with showers and pool a short distance from there. We unloaded the bikes and headed for the restaurant/bar. Had a few beers, apps. and the guitar player started! Hey, Saturday in the woods was pretty boring until our group got there! "Hey guitar man, do you know 'Brown Eyed Girl?'"...."yes, but I just played it!" "Well,play it again, and we will get this party started!!!" we did! The next day in the Hot Springs, I overheard him saying that they have not had a Saturday night like that in years. The Springs were intoxicating, or was I just "toxic"?? Either way, they were hot, relaxing, and purifying! We stayed that day walking around, doing laundry, in the springs. It hailed that day, but otherwise nice. We went to the Ice Musuem, a building and bar made exclusively of ice. It was awesome, 20 degrees inside, and the sculptures were amazing. I skipped the appletini, as they said I could keep the glass....won't it melt, I asked! Of course, silly! Plus, we had a long day ahead of us....need my rest.

You will notice that a lot of pics are from my extended arm....close ups are not my best feature, but when your riding solo......we must make do! Also, disregard the Ruth Buzzie look, bad hair, and overall wore out look! Really guys, I am kind of cute!!

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