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We have learned that Los Roques islands are especially attractive to Brazilians - which makes sense given that country's proximity and its large number of wealthy residents - and to Italians for some unexplained reason. Certainly the amount of Italian and Portuguese heard on the islands has been impressive. There are a fair few travelers from Spain as well.

There are almost no North Americans, in fact I mentioned to Adrian the fact that two English-speaking Americans could be heard having a drink at an outdoor table - as if that is a great oddity.

I am finding the Venezuelans to speak Spanish VERY rapidly such that unless they try to speak with a normal pace I cannot pick up that much of what they're saying.

Well today my concerns were vindicated by a Spanish couple who told me they also could understand almost nothing of the Venzuelans' Spanish. I wonder why this difference from Mexicans and Peruvians who are much, much easier for me (and presumably the Spanish as well) to understand?

The Spanish couple told me they'd got a Venezuelan bankcard loaded with local currency at street rates by arranging a deposit of their Euros in the offshore account of a family they knew who were trying to help their Venezuelan relatives extract money. Lots of ingenious solutions to convert Bol. F to hard currency.

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