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View of the rocky Gran Roque from Madrisqui

Spectactular white sand beach of Madrisqui

Our beach umbrella set-up

Ubiquitous shore birds that harass the pelicans when they are fishing

Flock of pelicans that fished at sunset

Lunch-time - Arepas filled with chorizo, shredded beef or cheese

Adrian chows down on chorizo

Robin is joined by a new friend under his beach umbrella

Incredibly clear blue water

Today was moving day as we were obliged to change posadas due to a lack of space. After a great breakfast and having moved our stuff over to the new place, we proceeded to the second island, Madrisqui, not unlike the first with a gorgeous white sandy beach on one side and coral reef on the other. Madrisqui had a little more action, due to a fun-loving group that set up shop down the beach a little way and who had come equipped with music and games. What was the same was the beautiful, sugar-fine sand, the gorgeous aquamarine blue water and the persistent heat that kept us close to our umbrellas or floating lazily in the crystal water. We were better equipped for the blasting heat and much enjoyed a boxed lunch of arepas -- very thick corn tortilla-like and stuffed like pitas with delicious fillings. Ours had variously shredded meat, chicken and chorizo sausage and came with spicy and creamy sauces all lovingly cooked by a lovely woman who repeatedly called us 'mi amor' and 'mi corazon' as is the Venezuelan custom. This time Faye joined Adrian and me for some snorkeling which was nice but not as easy to access as at the earlier island due to extremely shallow waters such that our torsos were constantly either scratched, or threatened to be scratched, by the coral. Eventually AJ and I reached the outside of the reef but the strong tides and late hour made short shrift of the ensuing delights. After a MUCH improved dinner (where did all the vegetables suddenly come from?). I took Robin to the Internet café for some Facebook time for him and errands for me whereupon we learned of Michael Jackson's demise by heart attack (or so they say). In need of some further funds but without further USD to exchange, I took part in an elaborate scheme concocted by the internet café owner whereby I signed a Visa authorization for $300 and they paid me 50% over the official rate for Bol. F, still barely half the street rate and giving us just enough cash-ola to allow me to make a side trip to the nearby island nation of Curacao (Dutch Antilles) to get more USD. Despite the incredible beauty of Los Roques, the need to solve our money issues and the fact that we weren´t quite as mellow yet (given that it was the beginning of our trip) as you really need to be to enjoy Los Roques, we had decided to move on to Caracas the next day and to put Dan on the first flight to Curacao that we could get.

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