Neil and Lois 50th Anniversary Trip travel blog

Lois at Annapolis Royal Farmers Market

At Freeport on Long Island, notice all the lobster traps

Craggy coast line at Freeport

Another craggy coast line at Freeport

View from top of mountain hike

Another top of mountain view

View of steps down to Balanced rock, there were 235 of these...

At balancing rock on Long Island

Balancing Rock

Other rocks around Balancing Rock

More rocks close to Balancing Rock

Leaving the ferry from Long Island to Digby Finger

We started the day at the local farmers market in Annapolis Royal. This is a weekly affair here and it draws fisherman, farmers and crafts people from all over the area. It was an extremely busy place. Fresh seafood, produce, garlic butter, local wine, french bread, sewing handiwork and musicians on every corner were our main attractions. Everyone was extremely friendly and they treated us as if they had known us forever. Several recognized us from the 4 days that we have spent here and actually addressed us as the Tennessee folks. From here we drove down to the Digby Finger, which is a 50 mile peninsula out from Digby that also has 2 islands at the end of it that can only be reached by ferry. We drove to the end of the peninsula and took the ferry over to Long Island in a dense fog. Along the drive on Long Island, we passed several fishing villages and homes. This island has been inhabited since the early 1700's. There were numerous whale watching tours available as this is a great place for whale watching. We drove to Freeport located at the end of the island and then took a couple hikes to scenic overlooks of the area. The views were a little limited as the fog would come and go but you could occasionally get some great views. We didn't take the 2ND ferry as it was getting late and the fog would probably be worse on the 2ND island. On the way back to the ferry, we stopped to hike down to "Balanced Rock". The hike was rugged as it meandered through the marshes to a steep cliff that had a series of well built steps (235 steep steps to be exact) that lead down to a viewing platform of the rock. The steps were an engineering marvel, but the view of the rock was well worth the climb as it is a phenomenal freak of nature. The Fundy tides have carved out the granite cliffs here and there were many natural rock carvings, but the "Balancing Rock" is a tall piece of granite perfectly balanced on the edge of a ledge. After the hike, we drove back to the ferry that leaves every hour on the hour, 24 hours per day. This crossing was even more foggy. From here we drove back to Digby and arrived back to the campground around 8:00pm. We may leave tomorrow for Halifax, we will decide tomorrow morning.

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