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Kek Lok Si Temple

Kek Loi Si Temple

The view of Penang from the temple

still the same temple

again, still the same temple

The view of Penang from Penang Hill

Hindu temple on Penang Hill

Yesterday we had the chance to celebrate the Songkran Festival in Thailand before catching the ferry over to Malaysia. Songkran is the celebration of the Thai New Year. I think it used to be just a parade where people sprinkled water over the monks as a sign of a new beginning, but now has now become essentially a full blown nationwide water fight. I made it out of the hotel in the morning only to be completely drenched by children with hoses and water guns. The adults were having their fair share of fun as well...no one was safe from being soaked (sorry...no digital photos...didn't dare bring my camera out in the streets!). In the afternoon, we caught the ferry to the island of Lankawi in Malaysia and then another ferry to Penang. Penang is an island just off the west coast of Malaysia and was originally a British settlement and port. It has been influenced by many cultures and nationalitlies and you can see this in the architecture as well as in the people who live here. I have had the chance to sightsee some today and in the course of just this afternoon, I have visited a Buddhist temple, a mosque, and a Hindu temple...it is a very diverse area to say to least. Tomorrow, we will be heading further inland to the Cameron Highlands...I am looking forward to this because the weather will be cooler.

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