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Spent the day going from one shopping mall to another looking at phones and MP3's. The Lim Centre shopping mall is extraordinary and for someone like me who hates and abhors shopping, is another image of hell, on a par with Chatachuk in Bangkok.

When you enter the centre, you're just overpowered by the sheer scale of the 7 floors of electronic shops.

The variety of shopping malls, most specifically dealing in Fashion, would ensure that if Emma, Jenny and Helen were to visit, they would dissapear off the face of the earth, probably into mythology, becomming Urban Legends, with a few and seldom verified sightings reported, as they surface to refill their old and faded ATM cards.

Went to the only operating Night Safari operating out of Africa. The dark of the night, aided by specialist lighting in the enclosures, mixed with the smells of the animals, (Lions, Tigers, Hyenas, Bison, Rhino, Hippo etc naming just a few,) all night time predators, as we passed them in an open-sided Street Car type train, was exhilarating and very, very strange.

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