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Eagle wingspan

Glacier close up at Mendenhall

Full view of the Mendenhall Glacier Park

Auke Bay to starboard

Alaskan Brewery stop

Palin's Palace

Latest hiking trail/workout with my new rain jacket, required Alaskan wear.

We decided there is something very wrong with a sailor hiking on...

During the past 2 weeks we have become tourists. We saw the Mendenhall glacier, toured the state capitol building, saw the Governor’s mansion (Palin’s palace), tasted local fare at various restaurants, shopped, provisioned, tasted ales at the Alaskan Brewery, got a haircut and ridden bus after bus. Interesting fact we learned at the state capital...Alaska is the size of California, Texas and Montana combined with regard to land mass. Population wise, there are 650,000 residents which is fewer than the county we are from in California. Can you say wide open spaces? Auke Bay is about 12 miles north of Juneau. We must take buses into Juneau for most things. Due to a low bridge (53 ft) we couldn't moor there. So, now that we know the bus schedules it feels like it’s time to depart. It has been an enjoyable stay and we enjoy watching the local kids and adults alike catch lots and lots of salmon wearing “Juneau sneakers”. What are those? Brown and tan rubber boots in varying leg heights. Juneau is considered a rainforest and the weather changes quickly but rain/sprinkling have been the most common weather feature we have experienced while here.

Our son will be here Thursday. Lucky for him we will rent a car that day to pick him up and show him a quick tour of Juneau before shoving off for Glacier Bay. We are hoping to be able to enter the Glacier Bay National Park. I submitted our request a month ago but they were full. We may be allowed entry with an approval 48 hours before arrival. If we are not granted permission, we will explore northeast Baranof Island and Sitka sooner than expected. Either way we are most happy to spend time with our son and to leave the conveniences of land as the sea once again calls us out. Good news though is that our friends Carolyn and Steve on Mutineer V just got permission to enter without a reservation so we are feeling lucky.

Did I mention there is only about 3 hours of almost darkness every day from about midnight to 3 a.m.?

By the way, we gained another nephew on June 14th. His name is Thomas and is quite handsome. After a bit of a rough start at the hospital, he is well and I pray he will come home today.

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