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Inside the "Corn Palace" in Mitchell, SD

Details about the "Corn Palace" in journal entry.



Permanent mural in "Corn Palace".

We are back in our "home town"! We are in Madison SD, home of our mail forwarding company, and where we obtained our driver's license, license plates, etc.

We have been on I-90, heading east across South Dakota all day. We knew we were going to be ready for a stop late this afternoon and Madison was just right for stopping. We are parked in a state park just two miles west of Madison.

Summer has arrived, or I should say, we have found summer! It was in the nineties and the humidity was high. We all voted that we like mountain temperatures better.

Just after lunch we stopped in Mitchell, SD, home of the "Corn Palace." There are signs all along highways advertising the "Corn Palace." Well, it wasn't exactly what I was expecting, but it is unique.

More than 100 years ago a couple of ranchers decided to hold a fall festival honoring the crop that brought cash into the community: corn. Today, the community center is "decorated" inside and out, with murals, made of all parts of the corn plant. There are permanent murals inside the building. The outside murals change year to year, with different themes. Today, the outside murals were being torn down to make way for the new murals at the end of the summer when the corn is harvested. After a theme is chosen a local artist draws the "picture" and charts it out; in actuality instead of a "paint by number" it is "paint by corn". Nine different varieties of corn are used, no dyes or paints. The murals being torn down were "destinations in America." All of the pictures above were of permanent murals inside the building.

The boys swam in Lake Hermann this afternoon. The water temperature was refreshing. While Brady, Tanner and I were at the lake, Glen went into to town to our Madison address (or mail forwarding business) and picked up our mail.

We ate our supper meal outside, watched the Cardinals a few innings, and then went to town for a stop at Dairy Queen. Any excuse to cool down!

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