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Well, what can I say, I mean who really believed that Garreth's bad luck would hold off for the entire trip? He's sprained his ankle... ohhhh Garreth...

The bus trip from Luang Prabang to Vang Vieng was uneventful and quite painless actually, and Vang Vieng is touristy but amazingly beautiful. From our $10/night riverside bungalow we have amazing views of the tubers floating by and the giant limestone (I think?) karsts across the river. I got some really nice sunset shots last night.

Anyways, so the famous things here to do are tubing, drinking (a lot) and watching Friends, which plays at every bar. So at the very beginning of our tubing excursion (and I mean very beginning, I hadn't even gotten into the water yet), Garreth takes a couple goes of a zip line they have running across the river. It has a block halfway across so if you don't let go before you hit it, you pretty much dislocate both shoulders, get whiplash and do a backflop into the river (trust me, we saw it happen). So Garreth does it no problem the first time, I refused to do it, so he did it a second time. That time he let go earlier, hit the bottom of the river flat footed and sprained his ankle. We were rushed away in a tuk tuk (not a pleasant ride with a sprained ankle) to Vang Vieng Hospital, where Garreth got an x-ray, a shot of painkiller and an anti-inflammatory. The hospital wasn't as bad as I thought it would be but the only other patients it seems they get are other zip-liners (some guy came in 10 minutes after us getting x-rays for a dislocated shoulder). Whole thing cost about 50 bucks and they don't take travelers insurance apparently - but don't worry I kept all the receipts!

So it goes without saying that we haven't done much as far as the extreme sports or trekking around here. We've mostly been watching Friends, eating the really good baguette sandwiches, drinking wine, and Garreth's been hobbling around some pool tables. But we're okay, I suppose it could have been worse. We're just using the time now to relax and get our cross-over to Vietnam organized. LOve you all! Hope all is well back home! xoxoxo

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