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Don & Lily on Memorial Day...

Waiting for the parade to start...

Lily at Harris Beach...

Our Little Mermaid, love the pearls Miss Lily!

Whew, we are exhausted, but finally done sorting and stacking all of our 'stuff'. Well, at least the things at Mom & Dad's house. It took our entire day yesterday. We have decided to spend an additional week here in order to do one more sale before we go. Our 'willing to part with now' pile just got larger and larger as the day wore on. It soon became apparent that we needed to part with those things 'now'. Sister Joyce is going to be storing things here shortly as well, so we had to really size down. Can't complain though, as this storage facility is FREE! LOL, we love that. We are now down to just a few boxes, mostly photos and a few mementos of our lives. You can't get rid of everything, much as it is tempting. We have decided that even if we were to permanently reside in one spot we would continue to live in our 5'er. Yes, we like it that much! So if it won't fit in here, do we really need it? Probably not.

The weather was beautiful the entire day. No rain, wind or hail, hallelujah! In fact, it is a sunny 76 today as well. A bit more breeze but it feels good. Larry is breaking the Sea Eagle down as I write this. We've decided there won't be any time to go to the lake during our remaining time here, so might as well get it done. Our plans now are to leave on Monday morning the 29th. Joyce is arriving tomorrow to spend the weekend with Dad for Father's Day. Hope the weather gives her a safe drive here from Arizona.

Received a couple of new pictures of Miss Lily yesterday. You might recall she just celebrated her 3rd birthday. Wow, she is growing up so quickly. The first two were taken in downtown Brookings on Memorial Day. And the last two at our favorite beach in the whole world, Harris Beach in Brookings, Oregon. It must have been warm as Miss Lily is wearing one of her favorite 'costumes'. Isn't she pretty? Are you keeping up with her sister Katlyn's blog concerning her trip to Chile? Very interesting....

That's it for now. Heading over to Mom & Dad's to prepare dinner. Grilling steaks tonight, yummy....Talk to you soon

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