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Ten days... plenty of time...Yet there are so many details and chores and last minute packing decisions to make. We have a very limited weight capacity so we have to pack lightly, which I am having a hard time accepting. I am not quite done packing and somehow another 100 lbs has to come OUT of the motorhome by next week. I guess the point of this trip was to focus on experiences and family time rather than "things" that we all get so bogged down with. I am having the most trouble parting with the books I had been collecting for the kids. Books weigh a ton!

This weekend is a series of goodbyes - our wonderful neighbors are hosting a bar-b-que tonight as a "going away" party, and we are having a pool party on Sunday at the JCC for the kids' friends. Ron is coming with the kids, too, so the cousins can have one last hurrah before we leave. We will miss everyone very much!

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