Natalie's Volunteer Trip to Ghana 09' travel blog

I woke up today at 6:00 to go on the Safari at 7.

It was a walking safari and was supposed to last 2hours. (really only lasted 1.5)

Apparently we got there 'late' because it was 7:03 according to the guide. (funny how we can't complain when our bus is 4 hours late).

The safari was fun. I got to get really close to some elephants and monkeys.

The antelope were hard to see because they were always running away.

The warthogs on the other hand were EVERYWHERE, and they had really funny looking poop.

My hotel was awesome because it's basically in the middle of the park, and the animals roam free. I think I actually saw more from my balcony than on the walk.

At one point I was sitting on my balcony and a baboon jumped inside looked at me and then just walk right in front of me. (I was a little worried it was going to attack me at one point).

It's hard to write all of the stuff down because I have limited time, but I'll go into more detail when i see you guys in person.

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