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Hi All,

Today was a motor home maintenance day. We got an oil change and four new tires. Ouch! Oh well. While the work was being done we drove to Fort Worth and went to the old FW stockyard. We visited the Cowboy Hall of Fame and numerous gift shops and museums. I saw my very first cattle sale barn where they auction off stear to the highest bidder... Maybe some day I'll buy some cattle and I'll be the first cattle baron in Charleston?. We decided to spend another night in Denton/Dallas rather than get on the road so late in the day. We will head out again early tomorrow heading for either Lubbock or Amarillo. It depends on if Deb can meet up with her friend in Lubbock. As you can tell our days are often driven by events that we do not control. That sounds a bit like something I read in Mathew 6:33. "Seek first the kingdom of God....

Talk with you soon.


Allen, Deb and Clarence

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