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The Victoria Falls


David Livingstone

Richard by the edge of the falls

View of Livingstone Bridge

The Boiling Pot at the bottom of the falls

The Falls from Livingstone Bridge


Alexis entering Zimbabwe

The Lady Livingstone

The spray of the falls from the Zambezi

Sunset on the Lady Livingstone

Blog Vic Falls

We arrived in Zambia via coach from Windhoek in Namibia. It was a 22 hour bus journey and arriving in Livingstone was a relief. No matter how pleasant the coach, spending that long in one vehicle really is not natural. After fighting through the hoards of taxi drivers we walked to Fawlty Towers Hostel where we were planning to stay. It had been recommended by a workmate of Richard but the free tea and pancakes was the real clincher. Walking down Livingstone high street The Victoria Falls could be seen in the distance. The spray rose into the air so it looked like there were permanent clouds at the horizon. Only later did we realise that we were still 11km from the falls.

The next day after having a wonderful horizontal sleep we took a taxi to the falls. The noise of the falls was massive and everyone we saw leaving was completely soaked. Thinking they were the type of people who sit at the front of the log flumes at Alton Towers and purposely get wet I was confident that we could skirt around the main wet places and keep our camera dry. Soon after entering the park we discovered that you cannot see the falls without getting absolutely soaked. We were told that Southern Africa had had its highest rainfall for over 40 years and the Zambezi was at its highest for over 50 years. The amount of water pouring over was beyond comprehension and the thundering sound of it could be heard from quite a distance. There was so much spray we only got glimpses of the falls. Our camera work was limited because of the amount of spray which was unfortunate but we still managed to get some good shots. Everywhere we looked there were incredible rainbows from the spray.

After seeing the front of the falls we then walked behind them. You can get surprisingly close to the edge and again the power of the water is huge. In the dry season we were told that you can walk along the top of the falls to Livingstone Island. This seemed unimaginable with the current flow of water.

Outside the falls entrance it is possible to walk to the Victoria Falls Bridge which contains rail and road access to Zimbabwe. Halfway across the bridge it is possible to bungee jump over the rapids that the Zambezi turns into at the bottom of the falls. We declined the many offers to do this, especially when we saw one jumper with a huge black eye from where he had hit the water. Next to the bungee jumping was a sign saying “Welcome to Zimbabwe” You are permitted to cross into the Zimbabwe side of the bridge without going through passport control. This we did along with many of the locals (some of whom were carrying loaves of bread back across the border). After 10 minutes in Zimbabwe we then returned to the relative safety of Zambia.

Our next venture in Livingstone was the Lady Livingstone river cruise. We were collected from our hostel and taken to the David Livingstone Safari Lodge to board a boat. We then spent a very relaxing few hours sailing up the Zambezi with hippopotamoi swimming around us. This more sedate option (we turned down the booze cruise) was a wonderful way of seeing some local wildlife and the shores of the Zambezi.

The next day Richard went to visit the Livingstone Railway Museum which unfortunately was a real disappointment. The old Rhodesia Railways carriages and engine were rusting and rotting away in a field. No explanations were given and no maintenance appeared to be being done. The museum really was in rack and ruin. If it had been in this country there would have been thousands spent on their preservation and upkeep. Unfortunately the local authorities in Livingstone seem to have other priorities.

After a few days in Livingstone we left for Lusaka on an 8 hour bus ride accompanied by a very loud WWE wrestling DVD. The Victoria Falls were wonderful and if you ever get a chance to visit we highly recommend it.

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