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Beach House.

More beach houses. You could rent a floor of these. Lots for...

The harbour at Hatteras Village.

This is a Sport Fisherman. The kind that takes you out to...

Weathered beach houses on the sound side of the island.

Caoe Hatteras lighthouse. The Outer Banks has seven lighthouse all of them...

The beach.

A skim boarder.


Sunset on the sound.

Spent the morning around the campsite and then went to the village of Hatteras. It's where we catch the ferry to Ocracoke on Sunday. It has a beautiful harbour full of sport fishing boats that take you fishing for marlin, etc out in the Gulf Stream. About 0-30 miles offshore. Cost is 4240 for a trip that leaves at 7:00 AM and returns at 5:00 PM. Not a bad deal. You go with 5 other people. I'm considering putting my name on the list. Can you imagine me fishing in the middle of the Gulf Stream? They supply all the gear. I'll let you know.

After lunch we visited the Cape Hatteras Visitor Center which is the home of the highest lighthouse in the USA at 208'. You could climb it but we decided not to. Toured the Keeper's Quarters and then went out and sit on the beach and watched the activity that included a dog chasing a buoy out into the surf and some skim boarders. Check out the picture of the dog pulling a skim board. A beautiful day. Back to the campground and on the way bought some fresh fish (tile) for dinner. Grilled it on the BBQ and it was delicious. Watched the first game of the Stanley Cup Finals and listened to a loud party that was happening on the other side of our small loop. Thank goodness they quieted down after 11:00. Tomorrow we head south to Ocracoke Island. Have to take a ferry (40 minutes) to get there. Should be fun.

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