Kitchener To Savanah and More 2009 travel blog

Sandpipers on our beach walk this morning.

A crab scurrying back to his hole.

An egret taken from our campsite in Frisco.

We didn't have far to go today so we had a walk on the beach after breakfast and left Waves around 11:00 AM. Arrived at Frisco at 11:30 AM. The landscape has changed as at this point the Outer Banks have widened and we have shifted to the “sound side” that is the inside or west shore. No big wide beaches and more trees. Still very pretty but more scrub vegetation. Lots of kite surfing. We watched people doing this all the way south on the drive. The water is calmer and the wind is just as strong as there are no “rollers”. The campground is more natural (no concrete trailer pads) and many more tents along the waterfront. We are right on a canal that is 100' off the sound. (Pamlico Sound) On the way here we passed Cape Hatters and will visit there tomorrow to see the lighthouse and Visitor Center. It's the weekend and many young families are rolling in with their trailers and kids. Calling for thunder storms tonight.

And now the big news, I found the satellite converter and therefore spent some time this afternoon setting up the dish. A little frustrating but eventually I had reception. Now I can watch the hockey game tomorrow night. As the DW says, “Men and their toys.”

We are starting to think that we might stay longer on the Outer banks as this is lots to do and see. But that will depend on the weather. Camped next to us is a couple from North Carolina and they have visited Savannah and spent a week there and still didn't see everything they wanted to so we will probably want to stay there longer although we might just skip Myrtle Beach and move on to the Low Country and the Coastal Islands (Jeykll, Hilton Head, etc.). More decisions means more drinking of wine. Life is tough. Speaking of wine. This area has lots of seafood so Marilyn is getting her fill and they also have great fish so I'm not feeling left out although the crab cakes are spectacular. Lots of lump crab meat and almost no filler. Until tomorrow.

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