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The markers showing the take-off point and landing points of the first...

Marilyn has decided on a new career.


Replica of the Flyer.

Kill Devil Hill where all the gliding happened.

The monument.

Me helping Orville.

Went for a nice long walk on the beach this morning and then headed north to Kitty Hawk. Got there just in time for lunch and went to Five Guys Hamburgers and Fries. We had heard about this place while in Washington (one of the Obama's favourite fast food restaurants). It was the best burger we have had. Homemade everything, great toppings and excellent fries. Very simple menu. A double meat burger, a single meat burger, hot dog, fries and drinks. We had the Little Burger (one patty), one order of fries which would have fed 3-4 people and drinks. I love the unsweetened brewed iced tea. We left the restaurant stuffed. It shows what you can do with a simple concept done right.

Next the Wright Brothers' Memorial. It is also very simple. A tourist center, a replica of their lodging and hanger and the markers that show the take-off and landing of the 4 flights on December 17, 1903. There is also a large memorial on top of Kill Devil Hill which is the large sand dune that the Wright Brothers used for all their glider experiments. They also have a portable structure that houses a replica of the plane and where they show a short movie. It only takes about a hour. Very informative and well done. We picked up a few things we needed and headed back to Waves. Another walk on the beach after dinner. Tomorrow we have decided to head further south to Frisco which is close to Cape Hatteras and another section of the National Seashore. We'll explore this area for a couple of days and the take a ferry to Ocracoke Island where we will camp at a National Park service Campground no services) and explore the island. After that we have to take another ferry off to island headed south. You need reservations for this ferry so we'll have to plan our departure. The Outer Banks is beautiful. Well worth the effort to get here.

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