Frogs at Flower Farm

Icky Sign at Flower Farm

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Latest Purchase - Thermometer

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We arrived in Plymouth early yesterday afternoon. This part of California is called Gold Country - it's where the big gold rush happened. We are in a terrific campground that has a cafe, jacuzzi, a pond, and an amphitheater (although no concerts until mid-June). The pond has huge frogs that have the deepest croaks I've ever heard. If Sam Elliot were a frog ("Beef, it's what's for dinner"), he would croak just like this! Two of my favorite things at night are frogs and fireflies. So, I'm very happy that I have the frogs here. When we got here, Tyler was still down in the dumps. So, after supper yesterday, we drove him to a Petco store. We brought him in (he's never been in a store before), and I'm so mad that I didn't have my camera with me. But it never occurred to me that I would need it at the store (Geez! I guess I just need to tape it to me). So, we brought him over to the dog department, and he went nuts! He was standing on his hind legs, grabbing toys off the shelf. Then he discovered that they had unwrapped treats (like pig ears) in open bins, and he was in heaven. He licked almost every treat he saw (we're lucky they didn't kick us out), and he was running (on leash) between the aisles. I haven't seen him this happy in a long time. And if this wasn't already the highlight of his day, we took him over to where the rodent cages were. I picked him up so he could watch a mouse running inside a wheel, and he was fascinated. He liked the rats, too, but that mouse was his favorite. We bought him some new toys, and a new cushy mat for sleeping on top of Big Bertha's dashboard. He has been pretty upbeat ever since. Today, we went to a huge flower farm near here. They also had a pond with huge frogs and turtles in it. And a nasty sign (see pic). I bought a Galileo thermometer. The rest of the day, we just hung out. There are some campgrounds where you want to be gone all day, and only eat and sleep at the campground. Then, there are other campgrounds that give you a sense of peace and relaxation, and that's where we are now. I did some laundry in the morning, and we took a nap in the heat of the afternoon. It's been in the mid-90's here both days, so we've had the air conditioning on most of the time. We're here at least through Saturday night. There are several gold mine tours we might check out. I was hoping to see the Sequoias, but they're too far away.

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