Moss Landing Harbor Sea Lions

Sea Lion

Moss Landing Sea Lions #2

Moss Landing Harbor

Phil's Famous Seafood Market

Tyler Wiped Out

Monterey Beach

Monterey Aquarium #1

Monterey Aquarium #2

Monterey Aquarium #3

Aquarium #4

Dolphins in Monterey Bay

Carmel Courtyard #1

Carmel Courtyard #2

Carmel Courtyard #3

Yesterday, we took the car to the coast. At Moss Landing, we had lunch at Phil's Seafood Market. Bobby Flay (famous chef) recently had a contest with Phil, to see who made the best Cioppino ( a fish stew in tomato broth). Phil won the contest. We both had the cioppino, and it was fantastic. I also bought a pound of fresh halibut, which we had for supper tonight. The Moss Landing harbor was full of fishing boats and sea lions. There was one really large one that kept bellowing and pushing the others off their perch and into the water. We also stopped in Watsonville (strawberry capital) and Castroville (artichoke capital). Today, we went back to the coast, this time to Monterey and Carmel. The Monterey Aquarium is the best in the country, in our opinion. This was our second visit to it (we'd been here about ten years ago). They are supposed to have a webcam of the sea life in the Monterey Bay. The website is: We had a picnic lunch at a park next to the beach. There were a flock of pelicans flying around the beach, but they flew away as soon as I pulled the camera out. We went down the coast a few more miles to Carmel. I love how this small town is laid out. There are dozens of passageways that lead into flowering courtyards filled with shops. It's all fun to look at, but the prices are sky-high. Tomorrow, we are moving north. I think we are stopping briefly in Sacramento to pick up a smart card for our rigs's Dish receiver.

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