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Today we had an early 6 AM wake-up and were off to Kavala. As we drove along the coast of Greece, we stopped in front of the famed hills of Thermopylae. The site, was home to the famous battle between the Persians and the Spartans, in which the movie 300 is based off. We stopped by the statue to take some pictures, then continued on our way. At 6:30, we arrived in Kavala, a small town on the coast of Greece. We had a brief meeting about the upcoming Anzac Day, and then had some time to ourselves. I, however, was pretty preoccupied, a bottle of beer had broken open in my bag from Egypt, so all of my clothes in their stunk. I was forced to wash all of my close in the sink and hose down the bag. I used the hairdryer in my room to dry my clothes, and left them sit out for the air to do the rest. I then went to get something to eat and took a walk around the city. There was a small amusement park nearby with arcades, rides, and bumper cars. I ran into our tour guide, bus driver, and a couple other people on my walk, and sat down with them for a drink. Not too muc later, I was off to bed.

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