Rochelle's South American Adventure 2004! travel blog

Because we are running out of time and want to experience a lot in the South of Chile, Mike and I took a 6 hour bus ride down to Temuco. Temuco sucks! We got there at 12pm and looked for about an hour for a cheap hostal. We were in a nasty part of town and people kept warning us that the plaza and the area around us was very dangerous due to theives etc. So, after searching for so long and acquiring the help of many people, we finally gave up and went back to the first hostal we checked out for 9000 pesos each!! It was called Hotel Continental and it was a ginormous mansion with a huge dining room and a very cool bar. The place was very old with antiques around every corner. Apparently, it says in our guidebook, that presidents stay here when they are in town! Anyway, they ended up giving us a 4000 peso discount and breakfast was free, so it turned out really well. We hated Temuco, obviously, so we checked out one market the next morning, bought some postcards and got the hell out of there!

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