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Little Black and White Farm

First water tower on the trip. Many more to come.

Where is Bailey supposed to do his business? The cement? Is this...

And we're off, but not before I take a last minute photo...

Mom sewing a button on my shorts before we leave.

Grammy giving Bailey hugs to last him the long car ride.


First of many NY farms.

Another NY farm.

NY farm across from the rest area.

Welcome to New York!

Welcome to Vermont!

Bailey begging Grammy for more hugs.

Day 1

Sanford, Maine- Batavia, NY 10am-9pm. Driver: Pamela

A little tired from the late night of packing, re-packing and double checking all our belongings, but we managed to wake up around 7:00am to pack the car and tie up any loose ends. My mom (Linda) helped us pack our food, mend my shorts and watch Bailey as we ran around the house, like chickens with our heads cut off, to finish packing.

We finally left around 10am and headed towards New York via Concord, Keene and Brattleboro. We chose this way to avoid the tolls on the route Map Quest wanted us to take. Is Map Quest really helpful? :)

We were going to take some photos of NH/VT but there wasn't really anything that stood out be we have been all over NH/VT.

So after a few stops we finally made it to New York. We drove through Albany and Syracuse. A thunderstorm slowed traffic down just outside of Syracuse; with visibility only being about ten feet, heavy winds and heavy rain, it took us about 3 hours to make it from Syracuse to Rochester (which would normally take an hour and a half)!

We finally made the decision to stop in Henrietta (just outside of Rochester) and find a hotel. We had a coupon for the Days Inn for $35 a night and they allowed dogs! When we got to the Days Inn the clerk told us that due to college graduations the coupon wasn't valid. So we had to go to plan B, to call all the local hotels. And could you believe it it, either they had no vacancies or the cost was above $100! We didn't know what to do except to keep driving. On the way I kept calling area hotels and finally landed a good deal at the Super 8 in Batavia, but with one catch, NO DOGS! Well we got around that and snuck Bailey in. We stayed up, half asleep worried that Bailey would bark at a noise to warn us of danger.

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