Peru Encompassed 2009 travel blog

As part of the tours 'local interaction' section we were lucky enough to be staying with local families.

To say Sibayo is a small quiet place is an understatement, there isn't even a shop around the main square, and judging from the reactions of some of the locals who we passed on their way home from work, tourists are somewhat unheard of here. My friend Oliver and I were paired to stay with a young mother, Karina, her three year old son Frank and Husband. The accommodation although in local style was very nice and comfortable - we were even given hot water bottles (it is again about -3 at night!)

We had great fun, firstly being dressed in the local style, then trying our hand at the local fishing method and hunting slingshot. I wasn't much at fishing but did manage to get the hang of the sling. We then walked into the mountains to collect firewood, and my is it pretty when the sun sets.

The limits of my Spanish conversation were revealed rather quickly, a great help was our tour leader dropping by before dinner so we could ask all about the culture.

For dinner we were treated to Alpaca stew and a vegetable omelette, which we helped prepare in traditional style, along with Coco tea. By 7pm the locals were yawning so we took that as as cue to go to our rooms... also because it was so dark and so cold. I did however stop to gaze at the beautiful stars before hand.... A truly amazing experience....

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