Kendi's Australian Adventure 2009 travel blog

Day 11 - May 13

Today we woke up at 4am and went to meet the bus that would take us to the hot air balloon lift off. We got on and unfortunately the only seats available were in the middle and back of the bus. The bus driver drove really fast up and though the mountains. I had to close my eyes because the motion and the heat in the bus was really affecting me with motion sickness. 1/2 way thru the ride, we stopped at a rest area because the driver said it would be 3 hours before we would have the chance again. At that stop I stuck on a motion-sickness patch. I think it was too late though because i continued to feel sick.

We arrived at the takeoff/landing patch it was extremely foggy and the pilot told us that because of that we wouldn't be flying today. Mainly because when landing, they wouldn't be able to see the power lines thru the fog. I figured we could try tomorrow since we have one more day before we have to leave to go home to America.

On the ride back, Ken asked the driver if I could sit in the front seat to help ease my dizziness. Thankfully he said yes, and opened my window, so the ride back was much easier.

We met a nice bloke on the bus named JD. He was hysterical and was trying to teach us Australia sayings. He made us memorize this poem:

This is my wattle

The symbol of our land.

You can stick it in a bottle

or hold it in your hand. blood beaut! (and then you spit). LOL LOL LOL.

He was the most colorful person we've met so far. His employment is working on trains! Pretty exciting. He called the magpie birds by mimicking their call. He was quite good too. He had us cracking up almost the whole time.

We came back to the resort and went back to sleep for a few hours.

Have you ever been so exausted and felt guilty for sleeping? I feel like I'm wasting our time here, but good gawd, I'm bloody tired. :o) Is it ok to be in another country and just want to spend the day resting? I'm conflicted. LOL.

We were going to go to the spirit house restaurant tonight, but decided to try tomorrow instead. Plus we heard there is a lovely beach called naroosa about 20 mins from the restaurant. So tomorrow perhaps we'll spend the day at the beach and then go to the restaurant for dinner, come back and pack up. Is it time to leave already? Feels like we just got here. {sigh}

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